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04 Jun, 2023
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Foot Spa: Foot Care Tips To Keep In Mind!

We need to be kind to our feet as they bear our body weight all through the day. Prolong wear and tear can be tough for them. It is a good practice to take good care of your foot and maintain healthy blood circulation around them. 

Foot care includes working on the feet by applying a slight pressure either manually or with some mechanical aids. There are various benefits of foot massage that can be listed as below:

  • Help Relieve Pain

Foot massage is most beneficial in relieving pain. Studies reveal that foot care is quite effective on fatigue, pain, and sleep. Foot massage when coupled with small foot exercise can help cure chronic heel pain.

Foot health is also associated with back pain. Foot has pain points and massaging these points can cure stiffness in the spine. Experts say that there exists a spine line between the big toe and the hell of the foot. Massaging this line can be very effective in back pain.

  • Improves Blood Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure

A stationary lifestyle can make us accustomed to using feet muscles in our daily life. Most of the times, foot muscles can’t get any type of exercise. Healthy foot massage can stimulate nerve functions and improve blood circulation. It has been noted that foot massage reduces blood pressure, enhances mood, and decreases anxiety levels.

How Often We Should Go for a Foot Massage?

The frequency of the foot massage largely depends on person-to-person, and the level of the problem. However, it is recommended to go for a foot massage at least twice a week to relieve pain and increase flexibility. Regular foot massage ensures that the feet remains healthy and also nourishes the skin.

Should we Massage Our Feet before Going to Bed?

Health experts say that massaging the feet before going to bed can promote restful sleep and can calm your body and mind. Pressing special pressure points on the feet sends positive signals to the brain to soothe your body and bring it to rest. 

Key Take-away for a Healthy Foot Massage

  • You can consider purchasing massages devices from a health store or online to help relax your feet. There are many devices available in the market that can aid in a quick foot massage at home.
  • Go for simple foot exercises and massage on your own to keep them healthy.
  • Ensure that a massage is not painful or uncomfortable. Don’t apply too much pressure while going for a foot massage.
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