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24 May, 2022
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Makeup Tips That Every Bollywood Makeup Artist Swears By!

Makeup is not about changing the way you look, instead, it’s more about highlighting the attractive features of your face while covering the flaws (if any). Makeup tips, tricks and hacks have taken the internet world by storm, making it even more confusing for a novice. 

So, how you do trust a makeup hack? Well, only trial and error could lead you to adapt the best techniques that help you in long run. But in this blog we have come up with some of the most efficient makeup tips shared by various Bollywood makeup artists. 

Moisturizer is the Key

A lot of us ignore this basic step that is the key to perfect, non-cakey makeup. Priyanka Chopra’s former makeup artist Uday Shirali swears by a good moisturizing foundation. He says you should always prep your skin well before applying makeup, to make it last longer and avoid turning your base grey.

Stay Close to your Skin Tone

According to Mickey Contractor, celebrity makeup artist, the major blunder that a lot of Indian women make is, they buy a foundation shade lighter to their skin, with the aim to look fairer. Our obsession with a fairer tone makes us look like a ghost, and that’s the biggest blunder you can make in dolling yourself. So, pick a color closest to your skin tone because that is how you can look naturally beautiful. 

White Kajal does Wonders on your Eyes

Makeup is all about looking awake and alert, and you can easily achieve it using white kajal on your waterline. Makeup artist Shaan Muttathil, who has worked on celebrities like Chitrangada Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez says that a little bit of white applied on your waterline can make your eyes look wider and more prominent. 

Highlighter can Transform You

A dab of highlighter can uplift all the attractive features of your face. The right positioning of highlighter can instantly make you turn your day makeup into an appealing night look. 

Lipstick Essentials

You should always synchronize the makeup on your eyes and lips to attain a balance on your face. Bold eyes should never be combined with bold lips, as this would get too much. So, always work on nude lips when you do a bold makeup on your eyes, and vice versa. Bold lips and neutral eyes are sure to bring you a lot of compliments.

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