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13 Aug, 2022
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5 Reasons to Check Your Hearing with an Online Hearing Test

Hearing is one of the five senses. Online hearing tests let people check their hearing without visiting an audiologist or doctor. Although there is some controversy over whether these online tests are accurate or helpful, keep reading for five good reasons that online hearing tests are beneficial.

What Are Online Hearing Tests?

Online hearing tests are different than those performed by professional hearing specialists like Hearing Health Solutions. Online hearing tests can be quiz-based screening questions asking about health and hearing ability. They can also be a test where the person listens to a recording of words with different levels of background noise. Afterward, the computer asks the person to answer questions based on the recording. 

These tests do not replace an examination from an audiologist. They merely indicate that a person may have some hearing loss and should seek medical attention. There are some reasons people may benefit from an online hearing test.

  1. Easy and Convenient

Everyone enjoys being able to do things from the comfort of their own home. Quality online hearing tests can help people check their hearing without leaving home. Often people wait five to seven years after they suspect a hearing loss to make an appointment. Imagine how much sooner they could have received help if they had made the first move earlier. Online hearing tests are free, easy, discreet, and quick. 

  1. Fairly Accurate

Studies have shown that speech-in-noise online hearing tests for high-frequency hearing loss give pretty accurate results for people with mild hearing loss. Because computers and technology are becoming more reliable and advanced, users can trust the results of an online hearing test to be moderately accurate.

  1. Children’s Language Development

Children learn to speak within the first six months of life. Children with a hearing loss should be diagnosed early so they can receive services to improve their hearing or help them learn to communicate. Early interventions help prevent speech, language, cognitive, and social delays. An online hearing test can indicate early that a child needs a more complete evaluation.

  1. Access to Employment Resources

If someone thinks they have a hearing loss, an initial online check and follow up with a complete hearing test are beneficial. Companies should provide people with hearing loss tools and resources to accommodate employees. Some of these tools can include assistive listening devices and captioned phones. There are also many apps and online programs that assist people with hearing loss.  

  1. Health Insurance With Hearing Loss Benefits

When employers know they have an employee with a hearing loss, they can look into finding health insurance plans that may cover hearing aid costs. Some insurance companies offer different plans that cover hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, and hearing aids. Companies may not be able to provide a health insurance plan that provides hearing loss benefits. In this case, they can still advise their employees to use their FSA or HSA accounts for these expenses.

A reliable online hearing test can be a wake-up call that encourages people to begin taking their hearing seriously. Hearing is an essential component of life. While online testing does not identify the underlying problem of hearing loss or provide a solution, anyone can quickly find out if they need to seek help from a trained, licensed audiologist.  

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