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21 May, 2022
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A Guide to Becoming The Certified Scrum Product Owner

A Product Owner (PO) is the most prominent and critical role in a Scrum team from the business perspective. As product owners, POs are responsible for making key decisions regarding the product, including what features are included and which are prioritized. Nonetheless, they cannot take such decisions alone. In order to be effective, the PO needs facilitation and conflict-management skills, as well as the capability of influencing teammates and various stakeholders.

 It is relatively easy to become a Certified Scrum Product Owner, even though many people consider Product Owners to be the most challenging position in Scrum. CSPO® – Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) certification costs and information are available here.

 Who is the Certified Scrum Product Owner?

As The Scrum Product Owner, the CSPO is capable of operating within the Scrum team. Every product feature should provide the greatest value in the shortest period of time possible for the product owner.

There are many factors that affect the Product Owner’s ability to accomplish this, including team dynamics, stakeholder involvement, and an organization’s development processes. The typical responsibilities of the Product Owner include:

  • Creating a product vision and implementing it.
  • Developing product features. A user story describes what the product should do, and its features are typically described as user stories.
  • This list should be arranged in priority order in your product backlog. To achieve the common goal, the PO must ensure that the team knows the priorities.
  • Testing, reviewing, and approving the product.
  • Providing Feedback.
  • In response to changes, rewrite and prioritize user stories.

Due to their similar responsibilities and abilities, many organizations use business analysts as product owners. This approach poses too many issues for this blog; however, there are a number of important points that must be addressed.

 What does it take to become an Certified Scrum Product Owner?

It is necessary to learn Scrum before you can be a CSPO. In addition, it is necessary to attend the Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)-led in-person course following the completion of these prerequisites. You will usually begin each course with the short test to make sure you are comfortable with the Scrum principles and ready for the challenges ahead.

 What is a Certified Scrum Product Owner Course?

A CSPO program is a two-day training event during which eight hours are taught each day. This course will provide you with information about the basics of Scrum as well as the by analyzing exercises, discussions, and case studies, you will gain a better understanding of Product Owner responsibilities. The main themes of the CSPO course are:

  • How to develop an effective vision for a product.
  • Product Backlog creation, maintenance, and ordering.
  • Identifying user needs.
  • Scrum sizing overview.
  • Stakeholder management.

 Objectives of Learning

Those attending CSPO courses can expect to be exposed to the following learning objectives:

  1. Product owners must understand their role.
  2. Defining goals and strategies.
  3. Comprehending users and customers.
  4. Validating assumptions.
  5. Managing the product inventory.

 What happens after you complete the course?

Certified Scrum Product Owners do not have to pass a test, unlike Scrum Masters. Following the successful completion of this course, you will be eligible to become a CSPO. With this membership, you’ll have the ability to access the Certified Scrum Product Owner logo and earn up to 14 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs).

 In order to achieve certification at a higher level, you can obtain Advanced Scrum Product Owner or Scrum Professional Product Owner certification.

 Cost of CSPO Certification

CSPO certification does not require an exam at this time, so training is the main cost. In order to maintain the CSPO certification every two years, you must earn SEUs. These courses are priced differently depending on the official vendors of the program. The training consists of two days of full-day sessions lasting 8 hours each day. You can find the training ranging from costing $695 to $1000. Figure out how much the certification for Certified Scrum Product Owners costs.

Take Away

In this blog, we’ll provide you with information about the Certified Scrum Product Owner. We talked about the requirements for CSPO certification, the objectives, and the costs. We hope you have a better understanding of CSPO now.

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