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24 May, 2022
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Andar Bahar Game Winning Formula

Andar Bahar game is a fun casino game with a large following in India. This game requires no skill and is entirely dependent on luck. One of the reasons it is a popular online casino game in India is that the house edge on the base stake is almost nil.

You have a 50% chance of winning, significantly more than most other casino games. Various strategies can be used to increase your chances of winning. Let’s look at some of the tricks! Is there a winning formula for the Andar Bahar game?

1. Bet twice as much every Time You Fail

  • Andar Bahar gives you a 50/50 (or nearly 50/50) chance of winning, making it tough to use strategies. Nonetheless, each time you lose a bet that you have placed, you can double your stake.
  •  The Martingale strategy is a popular name for this strategy. Only conventional bets should be used with it.

2. Small wagers

  • If you’re a beginner, start with small bets. If you gamble a small amount of money, you will be able to stay in the game for more extended periods. 
  • You’ll also increase your bankroll by doubling your bet after each defeat. However, you can raise your stakes as you gain experience.

3. Become a Game Master

  • One must first learn the game before one can begin playing. It would be best if you learned how to play and the many types of side bets, and the probabilities of winning each one. 
  • This will assist you in setting stakes. This will help you in avoiding a significant loss of your hard-earned cash.

4. Place your standard wager on the side of the table where the first card will be dealt

  • Casinos offer lower payouts to deter players from betting on the same side all the time. This first approach aids in lowering the house edge and increasing your chances of winning. 
  • The RTP increases to 51.5% from 50%. However, the maximum payout decreases significantly.

5. Use side bets to your advantage

  • You can increase your chances by using one of four side bets. Most of the side bets have a larger payout. There are other opportunities to win extra by combining the side bets in different ways. 
  • The likelihood of winning a wager on red or black is 50%. This will result in a 1.9x return on your bet. When combined with a standard bet (Andar or Bahar), the chances of winning improve significantly.

6. Table Capsules to Avoid

  • For Andar Bahar games, many casinos place a table limit. This is done so that players can decide how much they want to bet before each round begins. You may become so engrossed in the game that you lose sight of the time limit on the table. 
  • When putting side bets, though, attempt to keep in mind the table restrictions. This will allow you to stay in the game for a more extended period.

7. Choosing the Best Casino

  • You can try to play the game with sites offering perks. If these perks are used, you’ll have learned the rules and methods you’ll need to succeed, even if you lose. 
  • However, it is also possible to win many games by utilizing these opportunities.

8. Disregard devices that may be used to deceive you

  • Use an online casino with a respected gambling authority’s license. You can’t cheat in the online Andar Bahar game since it uses a random number generator, ensuring that the game is always fair. 
  • Ignore any cheating devices or websites that claim to provide cheats. Attempting to use cheating devices is unlawful, and they do not work in online casino India.

9. Organize Your Funds

  • Sticking to one’s budget is the fundamental rule for staying safe in any casino game. Even though Andar Bahar is simple to play, it is also simple to lose. 
  • The rounds at Andar Bahar are so rapid, that you have a few moments to do calculations. As a result, you’ll need to plan and make a budget. 


These are some of the components of Andar Bahar’s winning formula. Aside from that, make sure you’re playing appropriately. You must set a budget well ahead of time and not exceed it, no matter how well your game goes. 

Andar Bahar is such a fast-paced game that it’s easy to lose sight of your funds. Put only as much as you can afford in your bankroll as you are willing to fail, even if you are having a horrible day at the table. 

While playing the Andar Bahar game, try not to get too worked up. It is best enjoyed for amusement, as it is a game designed to create entertainment in Online Betting. Have fun playing with strangers online or with your friends and family!

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