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13 Aug, 2022
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Essential Things To Consider Before Painting Your Walls

Painting your home is for sure a hectic task but if you are pre-planned and clear in your mind, it can be a cakewalk for you. Bluntly getting your walls painted not only increases the chances of damage but also reduces the chance of getting an amazing result. Your house paint can make a statement about your lifestyle, which makes it further vital to carry out the process of wall painting smoothly and wisely. Before painting your walls, there are some essential points that you must consider. Painting your walls while keeping these essential things in mind will make them look stunning and the decisions taken considering these things can improve wall painting quality and save you additional future costs. 

    1. Prepare a sample wall before painting the entire wall- The paints that you buy make not look the same in your home. Several factors make the final color on the wall look different in different places depending upon some factors like the effect of natural light, lighting of your room, space of your room, etc. Rather than buying a bulk quantity, you must bring a small quantity pack for testing it on a patch of wall and accordingly evaluate the result before painting the entire wall. This would save you a lot of cost as sample quantity, for instance, the apex ultima price for testing quantity is quite low and affordable. 

    2. Fix damages that might cause future problems- Preparing your wall before applying paint on them is a super essential thing that you should consider. Prepping the walls can make them durable and increase the life of the paint applied over them. If there are leaks and cracks all over your walls then chances are that the water penetrated through those leaks can spoil the expensive paint on your walls making you spend more on repainting and fixing. A simple technique to save your walls from these problems is by using dr. Fixit waterproofing products or any other waterproofing product that works well. 

    3. Let colors flow into your room- It is natural to get tensed over using different shades for your rooms, this may make you choose white, eventually resulting in a boring room. Play with different colors while you choose the perfect shades for your room. Mixing and matching various colors can help you to create a specific vibe for your room and then you can confidently say that there’s a story behind each wall of your room! Exploring what colors work in your favor can produce great results leading to a perfect ambiance. 

    4. Be specific with the quantity of paint you require- Just because you have planned to get the walls of your home painted doesn’t mean you can vaguely buy packs of paint without having a judgment of how much quantity is exactly required by you. On the other hand, running out of paint while the wall painting hasn’t been finished can also hamper the project. This makes it important to know the exact paint required beforehand. Tools like paint calculators are easily available online to calculate the quantity of paint required according to the area of your walls. 

    5. Use the tools correctly- Using appropriate tools in the correct order is necessary to get the desired look on your walls. It is important to use a brush before the roller as the brush reaches out the corners that the roller cannot and rolling over brushing helps to fade away the brush marks on the walls giving the walls a clean look. Added to that, ensuring that the brushes are in the right condition before painting is essential as the loose ends would create unnecessary ugly textures on the walls. There are easy techniques that can be used to clean your brushes and rollers. Using clean tools results in having posh and elegant walls. 

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