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24 May, 2022
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How to Make PP Bigger Safely and Naturally?

It isn’t uncommon for men to desire a longer penis. If you believe that your penis is smaller, you aren’t aware that your size falls in the average range. Yet, there are still many misconceptions about penis sizes, so men are continuously looking for ways how to make pp bigger.

Don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Many men are looking for how to get a bigger pp now and then. Moreover, with the proper method and technique, it is somehow possible. 

Nowadays, many surgical and non-surgical methods like penis enlargement medicines help you make your penis size bigger. 

However, the surgical process has its set of benefits and risks. So, you can choose any non-surgical method with minimal risk and visible results. 

But please note that the source you choose for buying any equipment or medications must be credible and legitimate. Since many false claims around penile enhancement products, it is better to research before trusting any other source. You shouldn’t make any wrong choices if you are looking for a quick fix on how to make pp bigger.

Let us help you with making a quick and sound decision. Ohman offers you a range of premature ejaculation medicine that is safe and offers long-lasting results.

Below, we will list out all the male enlargement products that Ohman brings you if you are searching about how to make pp size bigger. 

Ohman’s Range Of Male Enlargement Products

Don’t worry if you are searching about how to get a bigger pp. Ohman lists out some of the best premature ejaculation medicine and other equipment to get you a bigger penis. 

Let’s check them. 

1. Andropenis: Medical Penis Extender

The first non-surgical procedure on our list to make your penis bigger is the Andropenis: Medical Penis Extender. Andropenis® is a revolutionary penile traction device that helps you grow your penis bigger, and this is a clinically tested and FDA-Approved device. The unique Androcomfort® band distributes pressure on the genital area over a larger region, making it more comfortable.

So, you can use it for 8 hours a day and remove it as needed. It’s discreet and pleasant to wear while walking, resting, or standing.

2. Andropeyronie

Medical practitioners created the Andropeyronie extension device. It aims to help persons with a curved or bent penis and those suffering from Peyronie’s disease. It can also lessen the inherent curvature of the penis resulting due to accidents or Peyronie’s disease. Moreover, this can expand the organ’s length and girth. So this product can offer a two-in-one advantage. 

3. Pack of Enlargements

This pack is designed for men looking for how to make pp bigger without surgery using a safe, productive, and well-researched approach. So, this set includes the following items:

  • Andropenis (Medical device to enlarge penis)
  • Medicines that require a prescription
  • One sexologist appointment with Oh!Man
  • Instructions for using the device and taking medications

Moreover, this is a prescription-based medicine, so the Ohman specialist will contact you to confirm your purchase. 

However, Ohman includes a range of other sexual wellness products. So, you can browse the product range as per your health conditions. 

Some Other Methods On How To Make pp Bigger

how to make penis bigger naturally

Apart from all these options, you can try other solutions to increase your penis size. So, here are a few of them. 

1. Lotions and pills

According to the manufacturer, these typically comprise vitamins, herbs, minerals, or enzymes that claim to expand the penis. So if you are thinking about how to make pp bigger with such products, then choose the most reputable manufacturers. Or else, you may experience negative effects.

2. Prescribed Medications

The doctor may recommend a few medicines to take 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.

These medications may include:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Avanafil (Stendra, Spedra)

3. Vacuum Pumps

Pumps are occasionally used for treating erectile dysfunction since they draw blood into the penile, causing it to enlarge.

A vacuum pump could help a penis appear larger for a short period. However, using one too frequently or too prolonged can injure the elastic penile tissues, resulting in weaker erections. So, it is best to talk with your doctor if you are willing to choose this method on how to make pp size bigger.

4. Losing weight

Another option of how to make pp bigger naturally is by losing weight. The penis can appear smaller if you have a lot of weight around your stomach or abdomen. However, participating in sports and physical activities would enable you to develop a healthy and active physique.

So this will increase your chances of having excellent sexual activity.

5. Jelqing exercises

jelqing exercises refer to a type of penile stretching. It entails stroking your penis tissues and straining your epidermis to generate “micro-tears” that recover from appearing engorged.

As per studies, Jelqing exercises on a regular basis can help:

  • expanding the girth of your penis
  • increase the length of your penis
  • help in making erections last longer

6. Fruits and vegetables

Another option if you are looking at how to make penis bigger is by consuming fruits and vegetables. 

If you start consuming citrus fruits, the flavonol’s food, then you can see an increase in your penis size. Examples of such fruits include strawberries, blueberries, apples, blackcurrant, pear, and cherries. 

Additionally, you can consume food containing L-arginine. This includes nuts, pork, bananas, and a lot more. 

Bottom Line

If you wish about how to make pp bigger, then the above methods can prove beneficial. Moreover, ensure you choose the right manufacturer to purchase medicines. Additionally, consult a doctor before taking any medications. Trust Ohman for certified male enhancement products.

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