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26 Jun, 2022
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Looking for Wedding Watches for Ladies? Explore these 4 Watches Today!

Wedding trends are tough to keep track of because they are seasonal and fleeting, but weddings nowadays would be incomplete without them. And even though they come and go, there are some that endure the test of time and become traditions. 

Gifts from guests or your soon-to-be spouse are a perennial wedding tradition. There are many ways to express your love and affection for the recipient, but only a handful of them last, indicating the non-transitory character of your affection. Famous wedding watches for ladies are most sought example of such a gift. Wedding watches for ladies are genuinely timeless presents that may be passed down through the years. They add value and essence to your gift.

Wedding watches for ladies have quickly become a common sight. But with so many options available at hand, it can get confusing to pick the one that perfectly goes with the bride’s vibe. 

So here is a list of carefully handpicked timepieces that would not only compliment the bride’s personality but would also bring out her unique sense of style and individuality.

For the Bride that Shines like a Star

Wedding Watches for Ladies 1

This star-shaped pink dial watch in rose gold is an excellent option for wedding watches for ladies. While gold and silver watches are highly coveted choices in metals, rose-gold watches have an inexplicable charm and gloss that is incomparable. The unique dial shape coupled with the bi-metal blush gold chain strap would make an excellent addition to the bride’s trousseau.

For the Chic, Feminine Bride

Wedding Watches for Ladies

With unmatched sophistication and an alluring look, this gold mother of pearl watch is one of the hottest trends in wedding watches for ladies. This white-rimmed gold dial with a delicate chain-link strap is an excellent fit for every occasion and is a wise style investment. Bold and alluring, this timepiece will let the newlywed hit the right spots with brimming confidence and style!

For the Love of Art

Wedding Watches for Ladies

This gorgeous art-deco bridal collection deserves a special mention in our list of wedding watches for ladies. The enchanting blue dial with a delicate design at the center is an excellent choice for the modern-day bride. The dual-tone rim and stainless-steel strap is designed to delicately hug the wrist and add more panache to the newlywed’s outfit.

For the Traditional Indian Bride

Wedding Watches for Ladies

Inspired by the colors and motifs of Indian textiles and crafts, this elegant timepiece is a perfect match for a bride that loves to stick to traditions. The red dial, decorated with dainty crystal, is a symbol of positivity, new beginnings, and good fortune. Red has been a companion of Indian brides through generations, making this piece one of the most suitable wedding watches for ladies. 

Modern-day brides are defying traditional wedding trends and styles. Wedding outfits are no longer limited to lehengas, bangles, and traditional jewels. Women have begun to incorporate contemporary fashion aspects into their ensembles to add charisma and elegance. Wedding watches for ladies have become an essential component of these ensembles.

Wedding watches for ladies are a piece of accessory that is worth investing in. And while there is a range of unique designs to choose from, it is essential that you invest in a timeless piece that the bride can cherish for years to come. Hence it is always advisable to go for reputable brands like Sonata, Titan, and Fastrack. They are renowned for making premium quality watches that do not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket.

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