Reasons To Choose Honda Amaze As Your Next Car

If you are looking for a car that is worth your dough, a sedan is rarely the go-to option. However, if you want a car that looks like a million bucks and has the elements of a family car, then this is the car to choose. Launched in 2013, Honda Amaze was an entry-level sedan true to its name. This surprise package was a boon for those who were looking for affordable luxury and classy power.

The features of this car top the list of features of any other car in this segment. It has truly got it all, and this power package has more than enough reasons for you to choose this one amongst a long line of cars.  

Reasons why Honda Amaze should be your next car

  1. Popular brand name – The brand name, Honda has delivered classics over the years like Honda City and Honda Jazz. The loyalty to this brand is rewarded with reliable engines and vehicles that fetch you a handsome price even when sold. The network of this brand of showrooms and service centres along with the customer service, is an endearing trait and cannot be replaced. 

Along with this, since Honda is a household name, it is easy to get Honda car insurance for your new Amaze. The availability of insurance online ensures you have a lot of options to pick from. You are free to compare various insurers and choose the best one for yourself.

  1. Luxurious interiors – A common complaint of sedan owners is the limited boot space. Honda Amaze has a boot space of whooping 420 liters, which solves this issue. Apart from this, the car's interior has been designed to appeal to those looking for ergonomic luxury. The comfort of the seats comes from the cushion density and the shape, which is great for long-distance journeys. The colour of the interior makes the car look spacious and more comfortable. The rear seat is equipped with cupholders to make your journey more comfortable.

  1. Safety features of the car – Usually, with cars, the top-end model has the best safety features while the lower ones have a few features. With Honda Amaze, you get the best safety features irrespective of which model you choose. Safety is a factor one cannot compromise on in any way. Every Amaze is fitted with dual airbags and ABS with EBD as a feature. 

  1. Engine specifications – Like every new variant, Honda Amaze is available in petrol and diesel version. The engine is designed to get good mileage and is great for driving on bustling roads in the city too. The engine is highly efficient and has repeatedly performed well over the years. It is true for both the petrol and diesel versions of this car. 

  1. Transmission of the car – Honda Amaze offers a CVT gearbox with paddle shifters to make handling much smoother than other cars in this range. This gearbox makes shifting gears easier and has less resistance. Other cars offer only the AMT gearbox in this range.

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  1. Relatively affordable – Honda Amaze is one of the most affordable sedans in its segment and has a bunch of features that make it worth the cost. However, you need not stress about the payment options for Honda Amaze, as you can apply for a car loan. Find out the total price and the EMI options from the website and calculate how much you will end up paying yourself. You can use the car loan EMI calculator to determine which plan works out best for you in terms of tenure and interest rate. When you are calculating your budget, don’t forget to include the ownership cost too. 

  1. Trustworthy car – Honda cars are known for being reliable. There have been no complaints regarding this model and no issues that have particularly cropped up. In case any part needs to be replaced, it is easily available, and you can get it done at the nearest service centre, which is sure to be somewhere around you.


  1. Classy design - The design of the car practically shouts premium and cutting edge. It has an unmissable road presence, and you spot this car from anywhere thanks to the 2 angles on the sides. The raised bonnet, stylish taillamps, and superb bumper add to the charisma of this fascinating car.


  1. Entertainment setup – Entertainment in Honda Amaze is not a problem at all. The speakers on the door and the LED screen ensure an immersive experience for the viewer. The infotainment system with a capacitive touchscreen is a feature that makes the car even more desirable. The steering-mounted controls ensure you have fun even on a solo trip.


  1. Performance reviews – If you take a look at the reviews left by users across any platform, you will see that all of them are glowing. Not only are the users happy with the car they bought, but they are also recommending it to those who are looking for a new car. The reviews will also reveal that the projected numbers of mileage and other claims by Honda are realistic and worth considering while picking Honda Amaze. 

Honda Amaze revamped the image of sedans and made it possible for those on a budget to up their luxury quotient. This car's practicality, along with its elegance, makes it worth your money. 

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