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21 May, 2022
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Surrogacy Agency Ukraine: Choose the Best One and Get Quality Services

Gestational surrogacy is gaining momentum both in the world and in Ukraine. The modern development of medical science allows persons deprived of the opportunity to have children due to certain conditions to apply the program of assisted reproductive technologies, which is an attempt to implement women’s and men’s non-property rights enshrined in Part 3 of Art. 51 of the Constitution of Ukraine and in Part 1 of Art. 49, part 1 of Art. 50 of the Family Code of Ukraine.

You can get quality surrogacy services by contacting the agency World Center of Baby that cooperates with a reliable surrogacy clinic in Ukraine. The website experts are happy to provide clients with quality surrogacy services and help them become active participants in the surrogate program.

Read below for more details about surrogacy in Ukraine and the features of cooperation with the surrogacy agency.

General Characteristic of Surrogacy in Ukraine

The experts of the best surrogacy agency Ukraine World Center of Baby, state that surrogacy in Ukraine is supported at the legislative level. The origin of a child born from a surrogate mother is determined by the biological parents. A surrogate mother has no rights to the child. Customers (married people, gay men, single women, and men, etc.), who have given consent to the use of assisted reproductive techniques, have all the parental rights. The surrogate mom cannot refuse to provide the child to the genetic parents.

According to the law, children born in such cases are registered upon presentation of a certificate of genetic relationship of the mother or father with the child. Both parties to the contract are required to maintain strict confidentiality.

All medical, economic rights of a surrogate mom in this process are prescribed in a tripartite agreement between her, customers, and the clinic (what medical support will be provided by a surrogacy clinic Ukraine during pregnancy and childbirth, what payment does the surrogate mother receive, in which cases additional remuneration is provided, etc.). In addition, the parties fix in the contract all possible options for the development of the event, liability for violations of the agreement, compensation, cost, and other essential subtleties.

How to Get Quality Surrogacy Services?

It is possible to get the services of a surrogate mother in three convenient ways:

  1. Use Internet forums, bulletin boards;
  2. Directly give announcements on the global network Internet, mass media;
  3. Turn to a reliable agency, such as the World Center of Baby, with a broad base of surrogate mothers.

Experts say it is possible to get perfect gestational surrogacy services by turning to an online agency. World Center of Baby, for example, offers affordable prices and saves you time. For a small price, you get a choice of several dozen surrogate mothers. The risk of running into a scammer is zero. The professional agency helps deal with all legal subtleties and controls the entire process from start to finish.

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