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23 May, 2022
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The Adventures of Riding a Harley

In 1903, Harley-Davidson was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and riding has never been the same. The customized bike with a chopper-style instantly brings to mind the open road and all its possibilities. Discover the adventures of riding a Harley Davidson and why so many riders jump on for the great escape of a lifetime.

A Harley for Everyone

From choppers to touring motorcycles, Harley has the ultimate ride for every adventurer. Unforgettable getaways await when you find the right Harley for your style. Check out the different options in person and online at sites such as to find more information. Then, take your favorite bikes for a test ride to determine which one is the perfect fit.

Adventure Tours and Clubs

As a Harley owner, you’ll gain access to a variety of adventure tours and clubs. Many of these organizations know about the best adventure options around the world and help riders bring them to life. From the United States to Europe and South America, riders can escape for weeks or months and create memories they’ll treasure forever. For example, RIDE Adventures arranges tours to these areas and others for adventurous riders.

The Road Trip of a Lifetime

Over the past five years, more riders discovered the thrill of the open ride. Adventure motorcycling is growing in popularity, and an increasing number of riders are ready to try something new and exciting. Harley Davidson is responding with customization options and bike styles that make it easy to hit the road with confidence. Plus, organized tours and clubs are expanding their range to include irresistible tours around the world.

Getting Ready for the Road

Once you have the perfect bike and choose your favorite adventure, it’s time to get ready for the road. Make sure you have all necessary safety gear, including a helmet. Also, have the bike properly maintained by a professional to ensure it will stand up to the long ride. Finally, verify your insurance and roadside assistance in case of emergencies along the way. Taking time to verify the motorcycle is in good running condition will alleviate stress later in the trip.

Minimalist Packing

When you go on a motorcycle adventure, minimalist packing is crucial to avoid being overloaded along the way. Remember that you don’t need anything more than a few toiletries and change of clothes. Plus, you can purchase anything disposable you need on the road, so you don’t have to carry it. For example, a disposable razor can be thrown away after use, so you don’t have to carry any extra weight in your bag.

Be Ready for Adventure

Finally, the mindset for adventure is important to enjoy your time on the road. Before a long trip, get familiar and comfortable with your motorcycle. Go on a few local trips to prepare for the longer ones ahead. In addition, it helps to research your road trip destination so you know what to expect. Review the roads and terrain along with the possible attractions you want to visit when you get to your destination. 

Everyone from teens to seniors is discovering the joy of the open road on a Harley-Davidson. Bring adventures into your life by investing in a Harley and becoming part of the culture. Soon you’ll feel the wind in your face as you experience new places in an excitingly different way! 

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