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19 Aug, 2022
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What Is the Monthly Salary of CCIE Network Engineer?

What is the monthly salary of Cisco CCIE Network Engineer? Cisco is still very influential, especially in foreign countries or some foreign enterprises in China. Therefore, CCIE is still a benchmark qualification certificate in the network engineer industry. In addition to Cisco’s own authority in the industry, CCIE can maintain its high value mainly because it can constantly update with the needs of Internet technology. The Internet changes rapidly and has different technical needs in different periods, The CCIE Exam is to ensure that CCIE Network Engineers who pass the assessment can master the currently-required technology through continuous updates. Moreover, CCIE also needs to take the re-certification, which is an important reason to ensure that CCIE Network Engineers can progress with the Internet. In short, even by 2021, CCIE Certification is still a high-value certificate.

Examinee spend time and energy on obtaining certificates., whose goal is still to get the promotion of position and salary. Therefore, the focus of everyone’s attention is the salary after obtaining CCIE. Today, I will briefly introduce the salary level of CCIE.

According to the data found on the Internet, we know that the average salary of employees with Cisco Certification exceeds the industry average by about 20% to 30%. If fresh graduates obtain CCIE Certification just after graduation, they can basically get an annual salary of USD 10000-15000 in first tier cities. However, the gap between first tier and second tier cities will be relatively large.

In addition, there many different directions in CCIE. After passing Cisco CCIE Exam, and the salary has a great relationship with the direction you choose. For example, Routing and Switching is a basic direction. Although there are many demands, there will be more corresponding engineers, and the salary will be relatively less.

In addition, the salary level is also related to the enterprise you choose and the position you are engaged in.

You know, after you get Cisco CCIE Certification, you will face a wide range of choices and positions, and there are many different positions to choose from. Manufacturers, Party B or Party A are the objects you can choose. Therefore, the salary range of CCIE for different positions will also be relatively large, ranging from thousands dollars of monthly salary to hundreds of thousands dollars of annual salary.

For example, the annual salary of a Manufacturer’s Pre-sales Engineer is about USD 15000-45000, and the annual salary of a Manufacturer’s Technical Department Manager is about USD 23000 to 75000. As a Product Manager, the annual salary may be about USD 45000 to 75000. If it is for Party B, the annual salary of Pre-sales Engineer is about USD 15000-45000, and that of Technical Director can be about USD 37000 to 75000. If it is for Party A, there will be an annual salary of USD 15000-45000.

In short, in terms of CCIE salary in the market, an inexperienced novice who has obtained CCIE Certificate will be more popular than a novice who has no certificate. They will also have a higher chance of finding a job, and the salary is also more considerable. For a CCIE with 5-10 years of work experience, the annual salary of hundreds of thousands dollars is also very possible.

Of course, CCIE is only a boost to the high annual salary. The greater reason is that the individual’s ability should be good enough. However, taking CCIE Exam is also conducive to the improvement of the skills.

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