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10 Aug, 2022
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Where Do You Get Traffic Control Signs and Equipment?

Numerous road construction projects are underway right now, and the number of projects like this has been growing steadily for quite some time. Road work is crucial for keeping current roads in optimal condition and allowing cities to grow and keep up with surging traffic volumes. At the same time, installation and maintenance of power lines, traffic signals, and other essentials require crews to work around the flow of traffic. Because of all those projects, road crews, utility crews, and other workers increasingly need to have traffic control equipment on hand.

What Is Traffic Control Equipment?

Several types of traffic control equipment are available right now. They’re divided into three main categories: road markings, signs, and barriers. While road markings must be installed by special machines and are often more permanent in nature, the other two categories easily serve temporary purposes. They work well for companies that carry out road work and other types of projects that require working on or near roads and altering the flow of traffic.


Barriers are popular traffic control devices. They essentially block portions of roadways, parking lots, and other areas where traffic should or shouldn’t venture. They’re made of different materials, such as concrete and plastic. Plastic barriers are more portable while still being effective for blocking or redirecting traffic. 

Delimiters are also types of barriers. This category includes cones, drums, and tubes. Drums are the barriers that resemble barrels often set up along work zones. Cones are typically used for lane closures and tapers. Drivers simply follow the cones as opposed to the lines painted on the roads. Tubes are slimmer than cones but are used in much the same way. They’re available in numerous varieties. 


Signs are also helpful traffic control devices. They tell drivers what types of construction or other road work to expect during their commutes. They display messages warning of construction, closed lanes, detours, and other hurdles that may lie ahead. Portable traffic control signs are available to serve various purposes. Signs can be set up along work zones when needed and easily moved as work progresses. 

Additionally, work crews can use arrow boards for their traffic control needs. These devices tell drivers which lanes to merge into or which lanes may be closed. These signs are larger and bulkier than the standard portable versions. They’re also equipped with lights that can be programmed to display various messages. They’re generally mounted on trailers so they can be towed to work zones. 

Where to Find Traffic Control Equipment

All that said, you may be wondering where to find the traffic control devices your crews need to get their jobs done safely and effectively. If you routinely use such devices, purchasing them from an equipment provider may be the more cost-effective solution. In the event you use different types of signs and only need them occasionally, renting could be the best option. Either way, a variety of traffic control equipment is at your disposal.

Keeping Traffic Under Control

Managing traffic during road construction and other projects is vital. Doing so helps keep workers and drivers safe while keeping traffic disruptions at a minimum. Several devices are available to meet work crews’ needs. Each one serves a distinct purpose. Which ones are right for the job at hand depends largely on the volume of traffic you’ll be facing, the type of work being done, and other factors. 

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