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26 Jun, 2022
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Will Devon Conway Miss the Tour of England After Testing Positive for Covid?

Although we’ve had countries lessen their covid restrictions and many people return to everyday life, Covid-19 is still very much around, even with the many vaccines available. Many athletes have missed out on incredible matches because of this virus, not sparing Cricket players.

Many events were canceled at the height of the pandemic, and we couldn’t see our favorite teams on tours. We had to switch to the virtual world, and lots of people even decided to take on playing at some of the best online casino sites. It isn’t a time we would like to witness again because it was a total shutdown. 

As we’ve gotten to a more familiar time, we can now watch various events from time to time, and with the tour of England underway, we were looking forward to some incredible action as New Zealand is getting set for its third test in June.  However, the preparation hasn’t been going well for the Black Caps.

Before Devon Conway, the team recorded three other members to have caught the virus. Earlier, all-rounder Michael Bracewell caught the virus and was asked to isolate him until he was well and the virus was gone from his system. In addition to Bracewell, two support staff tested positive for the virus.

Strength and conditioning coach Chris Donaldson and Physio Vijay Vallabh are the two support staff that recently tested positive for the virus and were put under isolation. Now, the team is set to miss Devon Conway, who will begin his five-day isolation, so he might just be back in time to play for the Black Caps.

In that case, New Zealand hasn’t called up any replacement for Conway as they expect him to join the team before the test in Leeds on June 23. So, they might not be missing much. However, this is only based on the fact that they expect him to be negative when the tests are run after the five days of isolation.

Therefore, there is a chance that Conway might miss the test, and New Zealand might need a replacement. Keep reading to find out what we think about the Conway getting replaced and missing the tour of England and how it can impact the time. 

Five Days Isolation

The UK has a five-day isolation rule for adults who test positive for the virus. However, the isolation only ends when they test negative after the five days of isolation. Therefore, since Conway was part of the team when they arrived in England, he would be partaking in the five days of isolation from the team.

As a result, he won’t be able to train with the team until he is cleared of the virus, and he can return to the team after five days. So, it might not be a good idea to see Conway go straight into the team, given that he hasn’t been part of the squad for some days, but it doesn’t mean he should be replaced. 

What Conway’s Miss mean to the Black Caps?

Since the turn of the year, Conway has been excellent for the Black Caps, and he seemed to have found his rhythm since joining the team after spending many years with the Springboks. Conway is a top brass in the New Zealand team, and they missed him in the 2021 T20 world cup final after he broke his hand. 

Therefore, he would be missed if he’s not part of the team for the test in Leeds. The left-hander would want to continue his earlier year form to see how he can help the Black Caps in their journey through the England tours. Therefore, it would mean that the team would not want Conway to miss out on the third test. 

Possible Replacement for Conway

New Zealand is down 2-0 to England in the tours, and the third test is pivotal for the team. Missing their opening batter, Devon Conway, is a big blow, and on the off chance that he might not return in time for the test, the team might be looking for a replacement. And since Kyle Jamieson is out injured, finding a replacement is difficult.

However, Kane Williamson recovered after getting Covid before the second test match. Therefore, he is in line as the possible replacement for the Conway spot if he isn’t back in time for the final match. However, we might see both players turn up for the final test match if Conway is declared free of the virus in the coming days. 

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