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30 May, 2023
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An Online Business Finder App is an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend!

An Online Business Directories, similar to the Yellow Pages, is a website that indexes businesses premised on their industry niche, location, or category. You’ll find the business’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (also known as NAP) on the list. Also, there is a link as well to the company’s website.

Adding Free Citations

You can build free citations by submitting your business to a free business listing app with sustained information and relevant links. Citations will assist you in identifying your business by search engines like Google. Subsequently, it can help improve coveted organic rankings in SERPs.

Employing a consistent NAP sends a trust signal to Google, while the backlink to the company’s homepage helps with SEO obligations. It makes enough sense to be listed in business directories if the business in question ranks higher in SERPs than in the captive website.

Improving Google Page Ranking

It is imperative to gather high-quality links to your website to improve your Google Page Rank. It should be an integral part of your off-page SEO strategy. Adding your website to a premium business finder app is a simple and low-cost technique.

When registering your business in a directory, you must follow the recommendations to improve your off-page SEO paraphernalia:

  • Don’t forget to include a link to your website.
  • Don’t pay for a listing unless you’re confident it will pay off.
  • When registering, use an email address that you don’t mind receiving as spam.
  • If a gallery is accessible, consider uploading some choicest photos with descriptive texts.
  • Don’t copy and paste substance from your website; instead, compose unique content for each directory.

Essential Elements for a Perfect Listing

Online business directories have become an integral part of modern business. Nowadays, the majority of people use Google to search for information. It’s not surprising that the bulk of the top Google search results are regarding local business listings when people are looking for a specific product or service. 

The following are few essentials of a useful business directory:

  • Simple Layout: It must have a user-friendly and easy layout. It’s one of the factors to have your business finder app ranked highly in Google. Conversely, if users open it and find it unnecessarily cluttered, they’ll browse past in a matter of seconds. In these circumstances, such directories become obsolete to end-users.
  • Maximum Coverage: Secondly, unless you build a niche directory, it is mandatory to cover a wide range of topics related to industries. It is essential to provide your customers with the best possible choice.
  • Business Credibility: It’s critical that your free business listing app only contains credible and premium businesses. It does not mean that you only list large retailers such as Target or Best Buy stores. You can list any business of your liking, no matter how small it is! However, there should be infallible customer service. If you ignore users who receive poor service from a listed business, they might stop using your service and dismiss it on the pretext of low-quality leads. 
  • Equal Attention: Further, you should make certain that there is an impartial outlook for all businesses in the business listing. The trouble with most business directories is that some businesses in certain categories receive all of the hits, while others that are equally good or better receive none. This is because most business finder apps use a framework in which businesses are listed first by category, then by geographical location, and finally by name. 
  • Regular Modification: Finally, ensure that the online business directories have the potential to update the required information regularly. Contact details may keep changing, or the company could invest in a website all of a sudden. So, your listings should be open to adequate space to update the information promptly and seamlessly.  

Cost of a Business Finder App

The cost of developing a business directory app is determined by several variables:

  • Platform: The initial decision must be made regarding the development platform (Android or iOS). The timeframe varies depending on the intricacy of the app.
  • Design: A working user interface is extremely crucial in this type of app. Still, the ambiguity has a direct impact on the cost. The basic cost structure of designing an app can be fashioned in this manner:
  • User Experience
  • User Interface 

The cost of the online business directories app is highly dependent on the location of the app development company. To illustrate, charges in Western Europe and America are comparatively higher than the costs in Indian territories.

Free Business Listing App


The application of SBSP adaptation modules brings significant benefits to any thriving business or a startup for that matter. In this period of fierce competition, new businesses would be crippled if they don’t even consider mobile app development like SBSP.

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