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28 May, 2023
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Common queries for a life partner

Marriages in India are preferably the arranged type, where the elderly adults of the family take the initiative. Parents have the first right on their children to decide whom they will spend the rest of their life with. However, things are changing now. Men and women have the right to choose a man or woman for himself or herself. For that, they may visit top matrimonial sites for better profiles.

 What needs to be considered?

  1.  Read your mind: think twice about the skill and qualities you are looking for in your partner. Make a list of all the necessities and your preferences.
  2. If you have some past, be honest and move on, check whether you are feeling good about the new relationship.
  3. Feel free: you need to be comfortable confronting your negative and positive side of the personality, never be shy or hesitate to tell your inner self.
  4. Ensure that you are ready for a new committed relationship. Evaluate your state of mind when you are prepared for marriage and every other thing with your partner.
  5. Set your priorities: thinking about your goals, dreams, and requirements with your life is essential at every stage of life, so in marriage as well. The man or woman you marry should not force you to dig your dreams but encourage fulfilling all those.
  6. Know your partner’s choice: imposing your decision on someone is wrong; it is always advised to know your partner’s opinion on marriage and things around you.
  7. Never be afraid of asking multiple questions with your partner and his/her family, as you both are going to spend your entire life altogether, some of the common questions are:
    • What are their thoughts on your job shift or transfer?
    • What are the working hours?
    • Any future plans for career or personal, of moving abroad or shifting to another place.
    • Question on the job profile, working environment and everything about the job
    • Are you interested in doing household chores?
    • How frequently you will be going to visit the extended family if living separately.
    • What happens if you get upset or he/she is going to behave?
    • What are the common likes or dislikes?
    • Is he/she an animal lover?
    • Do they believe in god?
    • Are you a morning person or love to watch late-night movies?
    • How often they do drinking and smoking
    • Is there any past in my personal life?
    • You may ask about the financial status, and how you are going to run the house?
    • Whether you are going to share the household finances or not
    • Do your parents stay with you if they want to?

Respect their answer and if you are the giver, then do it honestly, as it is going to decide the future relations, and now or then, truth is going to be revealed. It is always better to be real in such relations. Marriage bureau in Punjab has multiple choices for men and women.

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