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04 Jun, 2023
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Camo Phone Case

Does Your Smartphone Have Enough Protection?

The iPhones are high-tech smartphone devices that are elegant and user-friendly. They are, nevertheless, susceptible to scratches and bruises. A sturdy, tough, and non-slip grip case is essential to safeguard this pricey yet fragile object. This is exactly what a Custom Phone Cases can provide. It gives total security to your priceless iPhone. It not only protects the phone’s body but also safeguards the screen and ports. 

Basic Product Features

The custom phone cases come in different series. The most significant disadvantage of adding additional protection to already large phones is that they get bulkier. A Camo phone case, on the other hand, is both stylish and durable.

  • Impact Series: The inner core, self-adhesive screen protection, and silicone skin are standard aspects of the Impact series. Camo iPhone Impact series cases come in a range of colors and designs, including black, white, blue, and other abstract designs to match your preferences.
  • Defender Series: The defender series Real Tree Camo cases weigh 52 grams. The standard dimensions are 124.12 mm x 68.91 mm x 16.76 mm. The defender series comes with a built-in screen guard that keeps the screen clean and free of dust, debris, and scratches. The external layer comprises a sleek but durable silicone substance, which provides a Non-slip grip. 

Silicone plug coating has been applied to the sync, charging, and headphone access ports. Camo case’s inner layer is made of polycarbonate, which is very resistant proof. A belt clip holster that may also be utilized as a media display stand is a distinct feature of this case.

  • Reflex Series: The Camo iPhone case reflex series has ushered in a new era in the mobile case market. The case constitutes a TPE rubber and double-impact polycarbonate plastic. This shield’s single layer is more than sufficient to provide absolute protection. Unique reflex zones are also installed in the case’s corners. The USP of this Camo phone case is that it will always withstand impact and return to its original shape without destroying the smartphone. Despite having so many capabilities, it weighs only 26 grams and has a slim look.
  • Commuter Series: Custom phone cases are also available in commuter series and commuter strength. Silicone skin, silicone port coverage, exterior polycarbonate shell, and complete access to buttons are the main attractions. The only difference is that this commuter strength case is made of trendy pink polycarbonate with a contrast of white silicone base. A Camo phone case is not only classy and elegant, but it also offers supreme protection. It is made of high-quality materials.

Key Advantages

  • Longlasting Prints: Mossy Oak design is incorporated into the case, ensuring that your camo print remains bright and vibrant irrespective of your treatment with the phone case. The lifetime warranty boosts your confidence.
  • Unique Protection: People tend to carry their phones everywhere, and microorganisms that cause stains and odors can be found anywhere. Microban antimicrobial technology reduces microorganisms on the surface by 99 percent, resulting in a cleaner and brighter phone case.
  • Safety: It’s hard to anticipate what will be your future course of action. Sometimes you are sitting pretty at home, and at the next moment, you are outside under the scorching sun or heavy drizzle.  That is the reason every Camo iPhone case has a drop protection rating of up to 13 feet. It’s elegant, but it’s also tough as nails. This case has been rigorously tested and is designed to protect your iPhone if it falls from any standard height.
  • Screen Protection: There are no two phones that fall in the same fashion. Sometimes, it’ll land flat on the screen, occasionally on its back, and often on its edges. The raised bezel comes to your rescue as and when these things happen. If your phone slips face-down, this extra layer of protection prevents your iPhone screen from falling to pieces.

Exquisite Design: When you’re constantly on the move, ease of use is crucial. That’s why every Camo Phone Case is engineered to be ultra-thin such that you can charge your phone wirelessly while carrying it on you in any mobile situation.

Custom Phone Cases

Technical experts at Kamo Kase create one-of-a-kind and stunning Camo cases without compromising basic protection. The bespoke camouflage patterns are laser printed utilizing the most cutting-edge technology laced with high-grade TPU material, which amply protects your phone. Custom Phone Cases are compatible with the iPhone 6/ 6s, 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone 8, X/Xs, as well as the iPhone Xs Max.

The best phone cases with superior camo patterns can be found at Kamo Kase. Relv Camo, Prym1 Camo, Substrate Camo, Ulterra Camo, and other camouflage seem to be customers’ one-stop destinations!

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