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How to Choose the Right Temp Agency in Seattle?

Screening, training, and recruiting the right candidate for a job can be very hectic, time-consuming and expensive for employers. To assist them with everything related to the hiring process businesses hire temp agencies. These recruiting firms connect job seekers with the right career opportunities on both permanent and temporary basis. Top temp agency Bay Area, Seattle provides staffing solutions in various niche and help businesses find skilled employees. 

With an abundance of options available these days, it gets confusing sometimes for employers to find the best staffing agency. This is where we come in, the following blog will make your evaluation process easier. All you got to do is consider the suggestions given below while selecting the staffing agency.

1. Identify your Needs as a Company

As an HR, your duties are to help the company in man-management, hiring, and making sure everything goes as planned. Your objectives can be vast, whether you’re looking for a temporary workforce for an upcoming project, you might need to fill positions while permanent employees are on leave, or simply want to hire entry-level and mid-level employees for your company. Having this clarity in thought will enable you to select the most appropriate and suitable staffing agency for your company.  

2. Do your Research, Learn about the Staffing Agency:

Knowledge never gets wasted, right? Therefore, doing your research, investigating, and learning new facts about the staffing agency will only help you. You can take the help of fellow businesses for suggestions on the best temp agency. Also, networking will help you explore more about the reputation and track record of the hiring firm. This way, you will have a clear picture of what can you expect from the staffing agency.

3. Look for Staffing Agencies that Specializes in your Industry:

There are mostly two categories when it comes to temporary staffing agencies, the first one focuses on all the industries while the second one has a niche industry as its priority. So, the best thing you can do here is to choose the staffing agency that is specialized in your niche. But if you’re not able to do so, you can also go for a staffing firm with a multi-speciality industry target. 

Although, in this case, you must make sure to inquire about their team strength, whether or not they have an industry-specific manager or expert, and also how good their connections are.

4. Consider the Geographic Location of the Temp Agency:

If you’re hiring a temporary agency, you want them to be in touch with you and guide you through every single step of hiring. This can only be possible if that firm can provide you with staffing support in your city. 

This must not be confused with the idea that you should always go with a local staffing agency, what we’re trying to say is whether or not the firm has a head office in your city, it must have a subsidiary to help you in talent acquisition. 

For example, if you happen to live in Seattle, you can for Scion Staffing Seattle which is the leading agency for Seattle and Great Washington state. 

Ensure to go through the number of temporary recruiters near your locality. Also, check how good or bad the deployment rate of employees has been in the past few years.

5. Get to Know their Work Culture and Ethics:

Recruiting is undoubtedly a very different process. What some agencies do is hire employees casually without paying attention to finding the right match for the job position. You don’t want to end up with such recruiting firms. Therefore, knowing as much as you can about the firm’s work ethics and culture will greatly help you to decide whether you want to hire them or not.

6. Inquire About their Retention Rates:

Once you’ve successfully recruited the employee and given them an offer letter, half the work is done. While the other half depends on the retention of that employee in the company for a long or short period till the contract job gets completed. 

What you might want to do here is first check the general retention rates for your niche industry and compare them with the retention rate of your targeted staffing agency. This way, you will have an idea of how good or bad the quality of talent is provided by the recruiting firm.

7. Pay Attention to their Hiring Process:

This point is an extension of the previous one. As a company, you need to evaluate the recruitment process. Hiring is an expensive investment; if the staffing agency fails to deliver the right type of employees, the investment will be ruined. Here are a few indicators that will help you understand better the screening process.

  •   An ideal staffing agency should put forward a simple, straightforward, rapid, and effective screening process for the job. 
  •   A staffing agency must be aware of the company’s wants and hire candidates accordingly.
  •   A good staffing agency will always be in touch with the company throughout the hiring process and take their input. 

8. Negotiate Pricing:

Usually, staffing agencies charge a percentage fee from the hourly salary of a worker. This charge can be anywhere between $9 to $17 per hour for basic jobs like construction while &25 to $30 for technical and management jobs. 

However, these prices are negotiable and must be discussed before hiring a temp agency. You can also benefit from discounts that most firms offer these days or negotiate upfront to reduce the pricing.

Final Thoughts

Mostly, top agencies like Scion Staffing Seattle, WA are always ready to assist you even in the eleventh hour in finding the best fit for the job. It gives you every reason to hire a staffing agency and invest all your time focusing on the growth of the company. 

With that said, it’s a wrap on this blog. We hope you found the article helpful. Thank You For Reading!

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