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28 May, 2023
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Medical Process Of Surrogacy

What Are The Steps Involved In The Medical Process Of Surrogacy?

Individuals interested in growing their family through surrogacy or who want to offer someone a gift of child by being a surrogate usually faces dilemma regarding the working of the surrogacy process.The process of surrogacy performed by Patriot Conceptions is based on the state laws, individual circumstances, and many more. Through this guide, we will discuss some steps through which the Medical Process of Surrogacy is carried out.

Medical Process Of Surrogacy

  1. Individual’s Decision 

The primary step involved in the process of surrogacy is the decision making of individuals regarding surrogacy. As, the process of surrogacy is a long and emotional journey for both the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Hence, the decision should involve consideration of numerous factors. These involve:

For Surrogate Mother: It is a life-changing decision for an individual to become a surrogate. The process involves numerous challenges for the surrogates. It requires a woman to completely commit herself to another family for a year or more. This involves numerous medical and psychological evaluations and procedures during the time of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, surrogacy provides a unique opportunity to women for presenting an incredible and selfless gift to others. Surrogacy offers financial benefits to the surrogates, which helps build a lasting and meaningful relationship between the intended family and the surrogates.

For Intended Parents: The decision regarding the growth of a family through surrogacy involves the consideration of numerous factors like an individual’s medical conditions, relationship with the LGBTQ+ community, or parents struggling with infertility.

Due to the above-mentioned factors, individuals cannot ripe the benefits of parenthood and seek surrogates’ assistance. Hence, before making a decision regarding surrogacy, it is good for the individuals to take the assistance of experts like Patriot Conceptions. Patriot Conceptions assists individuals by guiding them about the pros and cons of the entire process.

  1. Preparation For Surrogacy

After deciding to carry with the Process of Surrogacy Pregnancy, prospective surrogates or intended parents have to determine their goals and requirements of the surrogacy and the kind of surrogacy professional they seek to work with.

There are two types of surrogacy processes for consideration:

  1. Traditional: In this mode of surrogacy, the surrogate is the child’s actual mother. The eggs of the mother are firstly taken out from her body and fertilized outside using sperm from the intended father or a donor through intrauterine insemination.
  1. Gestational: In this mode, the child is not related biologically to the surrogate mother. Instead, the embryo is created by using an egg from the intended mother or a donor and sperms from the intended father or a donor using In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Following the egg’s fertilization, the embryo is shifted to the surrogate mother’s womb under the supervision of experts.

After deciding the method of surrogacy, individuals need the assistance of the following:

  • Surrogacy Agency – Individuals need the assistance of Patriot Conceptions, who provides surrogacy services, including matching, screening, case management, counselling, etc. All mentioned services are important for consideration. These help individuals not to face any trouble in the coming future.
  • Surrogacy Attorney – While proceeding with the surrogacy process, individuals need the assistance of a legal attorney for the completion of legal works like Circle Surrogacy Compensation paperwork for the surrogate/donor mother and other paperwork.

After selecting the type of surrogacy, consideration of the agency and the legal attorney, individuals proceed for the screening and other related tests. These tests are vital to ensure Patriot Conceptions’ eligibility criteria.

  1. Selection Of The Perfect Match

It is one of the most exciting and crucial steps of the surrogacy process in which individuals find the right surrogacy opportunity for themselves with a surrogate mother or intended parents.

Following the selection of surrogacy opportunities, individuals need an attorney’s assistance. If an individual has yet not found a surrogacy opportunity, they will likely require to enlist with the matching services provided by Patriot Conceptions.

The selection of a perfect match involves the consideration of numerous factors like race, caste, religion, personality, etc. The consideration of these factors is vital because these impacts the mental and physical health of children significantly. Patriot Conceptions understands the vitality of this process; that is why it enlists only those who pass the eligibility criteria in all possible circumstances.

  1. Legal Requirements

After deciding to move with the process, individuals need to officially declare their consent by drafting a legal contract. During the drafting process, both parties have to come with their respective attorney. The presence of an attorney ensures the protection and representation of an individual’s legal interests.

The drafting of legal paperwork involves mentioning legal parents details. This helps make the medical decisions for the baby and involves mentioning their names on the child’s birth certificate. The process is known as pre-birth order. It is vital for declaring the legality of a child’s parents.

  1. Fertilization And Embryo Transfer Process

Following the paperwork, the Medical Process of Surrogacy begins. The process involves the transfer of embryos under the supervision of experts in Patriot Conceptions’ fertility clinic.

The intended mother/donor takes medication that facilitates egg development and egg retrieval process. Following egg development, the fertilization of eggs occurs in the laboratory, resulting in an embryo’s formation. Now, the embryo transfers to the surrogate’s womb through specialized techniques. Meanwhile, surrogates undergo fertility treatments through medications and psychological counselling.

After the confirmation of pregnancy, the surrogates receive the base compensation and monthly allowances. The surrogates also receive prenatal care that continues throughout the pregnancy.

  1. Delivery Of The Child

After the completion of pregnancy, the baby takes birth. This is an emotional and life-changing moment for both the surrogate and the intended parents. After the discharging of the surrogate from the hospital, the new family and surrogate return to their respective homes.

The delivery of a healthy child is a moment of joy for everyone. The resulting experience creates a healthy relationship between the intended parents and the surrogates. Patriot Conceptions assists in facilitating this relationship forever and provides its assistance after the surrogacy process as well.


These are some steps involved in the process of surrogacy pregnancy that individuals have to follow while taking Patriot Conceptions’ surrogacy assistance. To know more about Patriot Conceptions, visit their official website.




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