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23 May, 2022
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Business Ideas You Can Start With a Laser Cutter

Laser technology is becoming more advanced, popular, and available than ever. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs are looking at laser cutters as a way to start a business. Continue reading for ideas to help get a new business started with a laser cutter. 

Benefits of a Laser Cutter

The great benefit of using a laser cutter is the precision and ability to create irregular shapes while maintaining smooth edges. With new technology, it is easy enough to download files directly from clients or create them yourself for customers. Modern laser cutter machines are efficient and produce durable products. Because the investment for this type of small business equipment is minimal, the profit can be great. 

Engrave and Sell Cards

Boss Laser produces a machine that is perfect for engraving cards. Businesses are looking for new marketing tools, and a business card made using wood, metal, or plastic board engraved by a laser cutter can make a unique-looking card. Greeting cards and invitations are another niche area in which laser cutting is making advance. Be prepared to make custom wedding invitations or announcements to a customer’s specifications with your laser cutter for a one-of-a-kind look. Having experience in graphic design and typography will help make you an expert in this area.

Engrave Tombstones

While it doesn’t seem like a glamorous job, engraving tombstones is steady work. Funeral homes can add a laser cutter to their business and complete tombstone engraving as part of a package deal. Alternatively, someone could start their own business just by engraving granite or marble for memorial purposes. 

Antique Furniture Refinishing

The desire for antiques is higher now than ever. Consider starting a business that finds antique furniture and refinishes it to its original glory using a laser cutter. This idea can be done from an at-home workshop. Acquiring clients can be done easily by attending antique shows, estate sales, and antique auctions. Also, consider establishing relationships with antique retailers who can either use your services to refinish and repair antique furniture or provide your business name as a reference for customers. Buying and finishing antique furniture on the side can be an additional means of making a profit.

Glass Etching Business

Laser engravers can make intricate designs on glass mugs, shot glasses, window panes, and wine glasses. They can etch identifying marks or codes onto the glass for security purposes. Glass provides a modern, sleek look for home decor. Etching in glass countertops, tabletops, and mirrors can give a home a unique look. 

Laser-Cut Jewelry Store

Laser cutters can make beautiful jewelry. If it is planned and done well, these machines can make beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings with intricate designs and patterns. There is also the possibility of using a variety of materials for jewelry, including wood, metal, and acrylic. The product can be as unique and different as the person designing it. 

Acrylic Products

Because acrylic is such a durable, transparent material, it is perfect as a base for a variety of products. An acrylic business could make all sorts of items, including toys, clocks, coasters, containers, decorative items, keychains, and much more. 

A laser cutter is a small investment for new business entrepreneurs. Choose a business idea, find the right laser cutter, and get busy creating. 

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