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23 May, 2022
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Indian railways increase in salary

Employees Of The Indian Railways Set To Receive A Salary Hike

The employees of the Indian railways have some good news on the horizon. This is because they are expected to experience a salary increase in April 2022. The upcoming DA hike for Indian railways will happen this month, which means that the employees of Indian railways will get a hike in this month’s Dearness Allowance. The Central Government has notably increased the Dearness Allowance of all the employees of the Central Government to 34% from 31%. Hence, if you have been Googling “Indian railways increase in salary” recently, then we can confirm that the news is 100% true. 

According to reputable sources, the Indian railways has instructed all its zonal officers to increase the Dearness Allowance of all its employees. This decision is expected to benefit around 14 lakh Indian railways employees and approximately 65 lakh pensioners.  

Last month, the Union Cabinet approved a 3% DA hike for the employees of the Central Government under the commission of the 7th pay. Over 50 lakh government employees will likely benefit from this decision. 

For the unversed, the DR and DA are calculated according to the inflation rate on the basis of the All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers. After that, the Labor Bureau, Ministry of Labor and Employment releases the consolidated data. 

This promotion of the employees is being accelerated now because it has been long overdue because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Ministry of Railways has requested the relevant departments to take care of these promotions with immediate effect. It has also directed the departments to send the chosen names to make sure that their upgrade and increments accompany the following promotion. In addition to that, Railways has also said that the promotion will happen before the end of June, which is great news for the employees of the Indian railways. 

The first three installments of the DA for the employees of the Central Government and the DR for all the pensioners were stalled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was actually due on 1st January 2020, 1st July 2020, and 1st January 2021, respectively. However, the employees were not supposed to receive any arrears on the non-revision of the DA for the former period. In any case, this is excellent news for the employees.

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