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21 May, 2022
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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About SBI’s Offers For BSF Personnel

The Border Security Force (BSF) of India is known as the largest border guarding organization all over the world. It primarily protects the country’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh. Last year on 1 December 2021, BSF had completed 56 years of service; protecting Indian borders to invade from any foreign attacks. 

Deployed in 1965, BSF was created to guard Indian borders, but it lacked proper equipment and was not even trained to face even minor attacks from the enemies. Slowly, the force was given more power and was slowly modeled to make it an important infantry unit and an integral part of the Indian army. Today BSF has the strength of almost 200 Battalions with about 2.5 BSF personnel. It even has its own air wing, and a water wing ensuring keeping Indian borders safe from any direction. 

State Bank of India’s Offers For BSF Personnel

Recently as per SBI latest news, the largest bank of India has announced to provide special offers to BSF personnel, along with specially designed air accident death cover and additional cover in case of on-duty death, or even for permanent or partial disability. 

As per the Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU), the State Bank of India will support child education and also the marriages of girl children of all the deceased BSF Personnel. Moreover, all the retirees from BSF will enjoy the benefit of complimentary personal accident and death insurance. SBI has also announced to provide the families of the mortal BSF personnel with a bouquet of several benefits. 

SBI is set to open a zero-balance savings bank account and other benefits along with a waiver of service charges to show gratitude for the selfless service that is offered by various BSF personnel. Bank has also offered very attractive interest rates with concessions on proceeding charges for BSF when they require a loan to buy a home, car, or need a loan for their child’s education. 

Benefits for The Indian Army

Not only BSF but SBI has also offered several benefits to the Indian army, making it an attractive career option. You won’t find these benefits in other jobs. Some of the many direct, and indirect advantages of choosing the Indian army are:

  • Cash bonuses along with guaranteed paychecks.
  • Educational benefits.
  • 30 days of annual paid leave.
  • Health care.
  • Free housing and subsidized home loans.
  • Discounted food items, and much more.

Originally BSF was created for guarding India’s external boundaries. But since the 1990s it has also given the additional task of counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism. For example, in Punjab BSF took part in the Blue Star operation. Some of the BSF battalions are deployed to combat the Naxal violence. If you are looking to serve your nation, BSF or the Indian army can be good options.

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