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30 May, 2023
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How to Stop Your Employees from Leaving the Job

When a valued employee leaves your organisation, the loss can affect the team’s productivity and spirit. At times, it also impacts the entire company and not just the team. 

So how to ensure that this does not happen in the first place? The company’s HR can always look out for hints, now they may be subtle, but they always are. 

They can then discuss it with the employee’s manager regarding the performance and discontentment of the employee and approach the employee with a solution regarding the same. With this, they may convince the employee to stay and continue to be a productive team member in the organisation. 

Before we dive into what should be done, let us try to understand what would make an employee leave in the first place. 

Small Paycheck  

Therefore, few employees would want to switch because they see their arduous work not being rewarded appropriately. No matter what, the money that does the talking given is considered equivalent to the efforts being put into it. So, it is best to be generous with paychecks, especially when it comes to your company’s hard-working and valued employees. 

Be Open & Transparent 

Communication goes a long way. If you interact with your employees about not just work but also how to handle pressure, sharing casual banter over a cup of coffee, ensuring they form good relationships with their co-workers. This will help them see how it does not just work but also share a healthy bond with everyone in the company.  

Growth & Opportunities  

Many employees would want to grow within the company itself, and if they see no advancement in their growth, they are more likely to switch to another company. Hence, ensuring an environment where every employee can grow their skills and expertise always helps. This will make the valued employer hold back and grow as much as possible, even if, at times, the paycheck may seem low. 

Management Issues  

This is one of the biggest reasons any employee would want to leave without looking back, given that management plays one of the most critical roles in any organisation. Suppose your manager or team lead, or supervisor has misbehaved with any employee or is continuing to do so by making them feel miserable likely. In that case, you will not be able to retain the employee as people are likely to hold grudges and would prefer to end all sorts of connections instead of repairing one. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that every employee feels respected and appreciated, especially in difficult circumstances. 

Here are a few steps you can take into consideration to ensure that your employee does not leave –  

Talking It Out –  

Suppose the HR or employee’s manager notices anything that would indicate that the employee will quit. In that case, he/she may be lazy towards work or disengaged or taking more breaks and calls in between – then you will have to talk it out with the employee. Do not assume anything as the employee may be disturbed due to some personal issues. Just ask if you can help them out in any feasible way to lessen their burden. At times, employees just need to be heard and want their concerns to be addressed. 

Show Appreciation –  

If you are afraid that a crucial member of your team will quit, then start showing how much you appreciate them and their efforts. Every employee needs to feel valued and not someone who can be easily replaced. You may not be able to stop someone who would want to switch to career advancement, but if you make any employee feel less valued and appreciated, then it is on you if you lose an essential employee. 

Set Career Goals –

Many employees would be interested in improving their skills and level of expertise and avoiding stagnancy. So, if you advocate for your employees’ career growth, it could help you to prevent them from leaving. You can help them connect with mentors to grow their network and find new opportunities to learn. This way, it will show you value them and are willing to make sure they progress in their careers. 

Retain Your Employees –

It is essential to keep your employees satisfied and find out what employees want from their job and the company. To create the best conditions for your employees, you will need to make sure they feel heard, seen and connected. If you suspect that someone wants to quit, do not hesitate to approach them to make sure you do everything in your power to hold them back. Because finding good and hard-working employees is not easy, so you must try to keep everyone happy and engaged. Or else you can simply get the best and convenient staffing solutions from and hire the best of the best. 

Also, if you are retaining talented workers to show what kind of company you have, which will indirectly help you get more talented workers who would want to be a part of it. 

However, keeping all these pointers in mind, the key takeaway should be that it is okay for people to leave. You cannot and should not make anyone stay who has checked out mentally and emotionally from the company. You must ensure you do your part of the bargain, then let them go. 

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