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31 Mar, 2023
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How to Use a Personal Loan for Medical Expenses?

Medical expenses have been on a steep rise. Typically, in a country like India, where a majority of the population is not covered by medical insurance, people are exposed to a high financial risk in case of emergency medical issues. This led to inadequate treatments due to the lack of necessary financing availability. Also, medical insurance does not provide end-to-end coverage for your medical expenses. For all such situations, you can rely on a personal loan app.

Cash loans for medical purposes are becoming increasingly popular. The unprecedented nature of these expenses, inadequate insurance coverage, high medical costs and increasing health issues, have led people to look for emergency financing facilities. Today, you can easily avail a quick loan through a loan app 

Read on to discover the best ways to use a personal loan for covering medical expenses.

Top Ways to Use a Personal Loan for Medical Expenses

  • Pay for emergency medical financing

Medical emergencies are unanticipated and no matter how well you have planned your finances, a medical emergency can throw your budget off the tracks. As such a personal loan can help you meet your financial obligations with ease. Instant approvals and quick disbursals of cash loans make it a perfect choice for time-sensitive situations. The processing time is further shortened when you apply for the loan through a personal loan app.

  • Paying hospital bills

Paying for hospital bills can be a big burden that comes with medical treatment. And if you do not have insurance or your insurance provider does not have a cashless facility, then you have to settle your hospital bills from your account. Though you can claim for the insured amount, it can take days or months to process the claim. As such, if you are falling short of cash to pay the hospital bill, then a cash loan can come to your aid. 

  • Procuring medication for extended treatment schedules

Some medical treatments are time intensive and can run from weeks to months, involving revisits to the doctor and continued medication. Common examples are cancer treatment or management of chronic conditions like diabetes. The tests, consultations, medicines and therapies can hit your budget hard. A cash loan can help you avail the best treatment without worrying about the finances.

  • Paying for surgical and non-surgical medical procedures

Both surgical and non-surgical medical procedures can be cost-intensive and one may end up needing additional finances to pay for them. In such a circumstance, a personal loan can serve you well. Its unrestricted end-use and collateral-free facilities help you meet your medical expenses with ease. 

  • Covering up the insurance financing gap

Even for individuals who are covered with medical insurance, a personal loan can help in meeting the gap. Your insurance does not offer end-to-end coverage. Several costs like food, medicines, and attendant expenses are not covered by insurance. A personal loan can help you meet these expenses with ease. In addition to this, there are several restrictions imposed by insurance companies, like waiting period, non-coverage for cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, and more. In all these situations, a personal loan can help.

  • Paying for non-essential medical procedures

Today, individuals also undergo various non-essential medical procedures for appearance enhancement, such as cosmetic treatments, rectification surgeries, and the like. These are again cost-intensive treatments and can be best fulfilled with the help of a personal loan. You can simply apply for the advance through a personal loan app and avail funding to pay for the required procedures.

  • Expenses of elderly medical care

Another essential use of a cash loan can be paying for providing medical care to the elderly, which is often both expensive and recurring. Elderly people often do not have an insurance policy. This makes a personal loan extremely handy when it comes to caring for aged parents.

  • Opting for alternate treatment

With a rising trend of holistic healing, more people are opting for Ayurveda or traditional healing for treating chronic diseases. The therapies involved in these treatments can also be very costly. Your medical insurance does not cover the costs of these treatments. But you can take care of your financial needs with a personal loan. 


These are just a few ways in which you can use a cash loan to pay for your medical expenses. Its unrestricted end-use feature enables you to choose any hospital or any treatment of your choice. You just need to meet a handful of eligibility criteria to avail the loan that is readily available through a personal loan app online. Keep all documents handy before applying so the loan processing undergoes smoothly and without any hassles.

It is recommended to keep your research ready so that you can make the right choice even under distress.

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