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30 Jun, 2022
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How can you be sure that the skincare product you are using will give you the results you want? Well, the answer to that question depends on several factors, including your skin type, skin target, and budget. To make sure you

Hair is one of the most attractive aspects of a person. Long, shiny, black hair can turn heads, while dry, lifeless, damaged hair is unattractive. Worry not, there are simple yet effective ways to restore the health of your hair.  If

Voluminous, lustrous, and healthy hair makes us feel confident, isn’t it? That said, hair fall, hair thinning, and dandruff can often result in a person not being confident or comfortable in their own skin. If you are someone who has

Days when you wanted to ace the no make-up selfie devoid of filters, you found some tiny bumps on your nose, forehead, and around T-zone. Those small dots are none other than blackheads that appear on the skin because of

Who wouldn't love to show off their well-groomed nails? Today, people have given up on the one-of-a-kind nail polish style and have switched to nail art. Using their nails as a fabric, they like to paint it with whatever design

Using bar soap may leave your body feeling dry and stiff. But that’s not the case with body washes as most of them are infused with hydrating and moisturizing products that makes your skin feel soft and smooth for a

Face packs are a common method of taking care of your face skin in India, and DIY face masks are a common household remedy practiced by the most. But, the researchers have revealed that some of the kitchen ingredients used

Highlighters are magical makeup products, as they have the power to transform your look completely. Furthermore, highlighters are used to uplift the higher points of the face, to create a three dimensional look for perfect pictures. This magical makeup product

Summer can be a difficult season for the human body, especially the skin, because of the scorching heat and humidity. The summer time may be unpleasant for the skin, due to sunburns, dehydration, skin rashes, boils, chafing, and a host

Yoga for hair growth? Yes, you heard that right. We are unaware of various yoga asanas for hair growth. Yoga is an age-old fitness form of the rich cultural heritage of India. It is a way of life and apart

Makeup is not about changing the way you look, instead, it’s more about highlighting the attractive features of your face while covering the flaws (if any). Makeup tips, tricks and hacks have taken the internet world by storm, making it

Although genetics play a crucial role for rich hair, your diet, weather conditions, pollutants in the air, and your approach to hair care are critical factors to gain a bouncy and voluminous crowning glory. Hair Care Tips Your hair washing style, or

We need to be kind to our feet as they bear our body weight all through the day. Prolong wear and tear can be tough for them. It is a good practice to take good care of your foot and

Dear curly hair population, we all are aware of the struggle you face while managing your curls. Though well-managed curls get all the eye-balls and compliments while you flaunt them, the effort you put in managing them is remarkable. Curls

Your hair is your crowning glory and a major fashion accessory. It’s also very personal, so here are our top hair care tips on how to look after it. Stay hydrated Make sure you drink plenty of water, especially during the summer

Acne is a common problem related to skin that occurs mostly on face when the hair follicles become clogged with dead cells and oil. However, acne can happen in any part of the body.  Causes of acne Acne can be caused due

Do you love to use make-up? Are you willing to add new make-up products to your make-up collection? Then the Amazon Great Republic Sale 2022 is the best time for you. Get a wide variety of make-up products at a

Everyone aspires to have skin that seems healthy and natural. Beauty advice for skincare regimens may help you in this regard. Are you looking for naturally flawless skincare tips? Well, keep on reading!  To Keep Your Skin Hydrated, Start From The

Apart from  outfits, it is essential to have flawless skin to upgrade your overall look. Now, you can save all your money and get glowing skin at home with these skincare products. So grab the best one which would meet

Aloe vera is known to be a life saver against all kinds of skin problems. This medicinal plant is truly a panacea to all the external and ingestion problems as well, when nipped right in the budding stages. It can

Are you an ardent admirer of innovative beard styles but don’t know how to achieve them? Well, read on to know the four most essential beard products for men to help you show off your beard: Bombay

Winter can be harsh on the skin, especially for people with dry skin. Extremely chilly air and cold weather are not too kind on the skin and tend to make it dry and dehydrated. This is precisely why it is

Black tea is the product of oxidized leaves of a plant named Camellia sinensis. This beverage is widely known for its nutritional value and health benefits. Moreover, it can work as a potential ingredient for enhancing your hair growth and

Whenever we hear the word 'pedicure', we constantly start making plans of hitting the salon, obviously, because we have been continuously fed with the idea that a tricky and complex beauty routine like pedicure can't be achieved at home. You

Well, if there is any community that started the whole face mask thingy in the beauty market, it's undoubtedly the Koreans! There's no one who does better face masks than a Korean face mask. Initially, Korean skincare seemed like an

With beauty brands like Kay Beauty, Rare Beauty and Fenty Beauty, many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have ventured into the business line by starting their own makeup and beauty line. Most of us know beauty influencers and YouTubers for doing

Have you ever looked at the mirror and wondered how to make your body shape better? If so, you are not alone. Many people are very self-conscious about their body shape. This includes the butts. It consists of three main

Kumkumadi Thailam or kumkumadi oil is a very popular ayurvedic formulation that is really useful for skincare. In many places, kumkumadi oil is utilized for giving your skin a perfect fair look, treating acne, reducing the appearance of dark circles,  fading

For females, their hair is really important, as it is one of their beauty essentials. However, out of the many trouble’s women go through, hair constitutes to be one of the major ones. Few things are more alarming to many

Acne or Pimples is caused by minor clogging of the pores when our natural skin oil gets trapped in the open pores and starts to accumulate dirt and dead skin cells. Based on the intensity and the size of the