Enjoying wonderful music is the most acceptable way to pamper oneself, and if the device you are listening on is a boAt gadget, it is genuinely like an icing on the cake. Such has been the transformation of this lifestyle

Taking a home loan not only helps one realize the dream of purchasing a house of their own but also provides tax benefits through sections 80C and 24b. And since most home loans involve bigger loan amounts and longer tenures,

Apple is known to break all kinds of records and cross milestones from time to time. In yet another record-breaking feat, Apple has become the first multinational company in the world to cross $3 trillion in market value. Recently, it

India has emerged as a fast developing country and is home to several startups. If you have an idea, you can get the support of influential and wealthy people, along with the government, which is also funding valuable startups in

Although it isn't impossible, being a unicorn may be a considerable challenge. It takes an average of seven years for new firms to mature into unicorns despite just 0.00006 per cent of businesses becoming unicorns. It is a challenging task

The renowned food tech platform of India, Swiggy had recently announced (2nd December 2021) that it will invest $700 million in Instamart. Swiggy Instamart Investment news comes at a time when the similar sector is experiencing a frenzy of new

Stock is a grouping of shares. Shares are the components of a larger entity, namely stocks. A stock is a basic aggregate of the shares in a firm, whereas shares signify the fraction of ownership in the organization. Shares can

Pickles are the best condiments to take your daily meals to the next level. They are a major part of most households in India, and families have special recipes handed down across generations so that everyone can enjoy them with

Facebook India recently reported a massive increase in its gross advertising revenue in India. Facebook ads revenue 2021 has reported an incredible growth of 41%, which could be because of the Pandemic. This online services giant did a regulatory filing

After the pandemic, if there is one thing we are all concerned about - it is health. Health was always an important factor, but it has taken a greater stand in the last two years with the virus spurging in.