India, an incredible country, is known for its diversity and unique culture. India is famous for different kinds of mouth-watering dishes cooked with love. Poha from the North to vada in the South as a breakfast or main course item.

The soya chilli recipe by Chef Ranveer Brar is too simple to prepare but offers a delectable taste. While Soybean chilli is mostly served dry, if you are a fan of gravy, then the soya chilli gravy recipe is also

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it breaks a night-long fast. Our body requires energy and nutrients, to gear up for a new day, so a healthy breakfast is an absolute necessity.  The most common Indian breakfast

Korean snacks have taken over the world and are known for their amazing health benefits. If you need something delicious and healthy to keep you going in between meals, below is the list of some healthy Korean snacks recipes that

Are you an ardent admirer of sweet corn? It's one of those adaptable ingredients that may be eaten fresh or cooked into a variety of dishes ranging from light lunches to hearty dinners. You will find below a systematic preparation of

House parties often end up in disarray. It's usually best to choose menus that produce less waste. So, you don't even have to burn brain cells the next morning for cleaning up.  Here are 7 exclusive snacks for house parties ideas

Malvan is a town located on Maharashtra's west coast in the Sindhudurg district. Malvan is worth visiting if you enjoy sea beaches, thrilling water activities, and busy nightlife. This small town in Maharashtra's southernmost district has a plethora of options

Here are some tips for making Indian recipes with bread slices. You may use leftover white sandwich bread slices as the main ingredient. Multigrain or brown bread would not have the same crispness or flavor.  Once the recipe is prepared, you

Winter is the time when all of us love to enjoy our cozy blanket on the sofa along with a hot drink. Winter drinks recipes are slightly different than summer when refreshing juices and shakes are on the list. Hot

Masala Chai has always been the most popular beverage across India. Every Indian family has its recipe to prepare masala tea. The combination of spices, the quantity of water, milk, and tea is a personal choice that determines the strength,