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26 Sep, 2022
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Who does not love to have white, shining teeth? Unfortunately, going for laser teeth whitening treatment can be an expensive task. To have a whiter and brighter smile, all you need is a teeth-whitening pen. These are not only cost-effective

There are circumstances in which a low blood platelet count is not a serious problem. However, the illness has an effect on blood coagulation. If a person's blood does not clot after a cut, it could bleed very dangerously. This could have

Mental health is one of the most important health indicators that define our overall health. However, it is also a highly unnoticed parameter by all of us. All thanks to our not-so-productive and hectic lifestyle, which we follow due to

Heavy period flow is a problem a lot of women faces in their lives. The period in itself is an unpleasant time for most of the women who suffer with cramps, aches, mood swings, bloating and endless side effects.  In medical

Emotional eating or stress eating refers to the widespread practice of turning to food for comfort. People who emotionally eat often reach for food several times a day to snuff and comfort unfavourable emotions. After eating this way, they could experience guilt

Are you fed up of your friends addressing you as a boring personality? If yes, you need to think deep about your boredom personality. A lot of people are ignorant about their habits, and they do not accept the fact

From sportspeople to celebrities to the young people out there these days, everyone focuses on their health and fitness. Muscle strengthens our bones, tendons and ligaments. Strong muscles help to prevent tendon sprains, tears, and broken bones. Athletes and sportspeople take

Women experiencing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS are often asked to make lifestyle changes to manage this hormonal disorder better. Whether you are facing a delayed menstrual cycle or have been recently diagnosed with PCOD, it can help to make

Soaked dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts and raisins have several health benefits. Experts often suggest starting the day with a handful of nuts, which gives you a good amount of nutrition and energy needed for the day. Raisins or

People's mental health often experiences numerous challenges, with anxiety being one of the most devastating elements. It has afflicted millions of individuals for ages. Also, it has only become worse in these uncertain times where life has become intricate with

India is recognized for its diverse cuisines that go beyond geographical boundaries. However, some customs signifies its importance as an after-meal delicacy of betel leaves with gulkand (rose petal jam), which is widely admired by people from all walks of

The term antioxidant might seem familiar to you when it comes to the health and fitness category. But do you still wonder where to find them exactly? Well, antioxidants are best known for the prevention of cell damage. Antioxidants might also be

According to the CDC, it is very important to have a good night's sleep regularly, but one-third of adults do not get enough sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation is associated with an increased risk of developing unhealthy conditions such as obesity,

Recently, a small rectal cancer drug trial was performed on just 18 patients with everyone taking the same drug. The cancer drug trial results left everyone in shock—cancer disappeared in every patient; it was not even detected by physical exams,

31 May is observed as World Tobacco Day by the World Health Organization (WHO) and all its global partners. This annual campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness of the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and passive smoke

If temperatures are rising, it is vital to take care of your health. It is essential to keep yourself hydrated and eat sensible food. It is recommended that you eat fresh, light and seasonal foods. Oh, and summer comes with

Today, most women face hormonal imbalance at some point or another. Be it due to stress or a sedentary lifestyle or diabetes, or improper eating habits — the fluctuation could occur due to multiple reasons. Many ignore the prominent hormonal imbalance

What pictures come to your mind when you hear the term ‘Yoga’? The first image would be of Asanas or postures. Another would be of someone sitting on a yoga mat and doing these asanas! Yoga is well-known as a

DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) is a mental health illness in which a person has two or more distinct personalities. At different times, these personalities dictate the terms of a person's conduct. This mental health disorder can induce memory lapses and

Do you love consuming fruits? Well, it is hard not to because they are just so delicious! It cannot be disputed that fruits are replete with nutrients, and eating them is a healthy habit. That said, there can be certain

Children below 5 years of age who wheeze or display other symptoms of respiration troubles ought to be evaluated by a medical health practitioner. However, without a doubt due to the fact you, as a discern, are stricken by means

Tuberculosis most commonly known as TB is an infectious disease. Most of us believe that it affects the lungs, although it can also affect any  other organ of the human body. TB is fatal, but in most cases, it is

Regardless of whether you've been feeling unwell for several years or you're experiencing an acute illness, you may want to consider seeking out holistic treatment. Holistic practitioners value a personal connection with their patients- and take the time to thoroughly

Hypothyroidism is a disorder wherein the thyroid hormones generated by the body are found insufficient. Thyroid hormones are involved in controlling body cell repair and complete metabolism. Early thyroid warning signs are fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, coldness, and depression.  The

Alike other drugs, pain management medicines render multiple side effects on our body when consumed regularly. The painkillers or NSAIDs are typical drugs given to treat pain; they control pain by interrupting the pain signals you get from your brain.

Drinking milk everyday is like a routine habit followed by millions of people across the globe. A lot of you abstain from consuming it, because either you don’t like the taste of it, or you don’t know the benefits that

Our kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located in the lower part of our body towards the back of the abdomen. Kidneys' job is to clean out the waste from our blood, and they also help control our blood pressure and

Egg donation is a process in which a woman donates an egg, or oocyte, to another woman to assist her in conceiving. It is an integrated part of Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART. Generally, as per the procedure, a doctor removes

An electric breast pump is a machine that has been designed to extract milk from the breasts of a lactating woman. An electric breast pump works on the principle of sucking and massaging the breast at the same time when

When discussing the young generation, we assume health, energy, and a future full of possibilities. Unfortunately, life is not smooth sailing for all teenagers. In fact, around twenty percent of adolescents suffer from certain mental health issues. Through this post, we