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04 Jun, 2023
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As most fanatics remember, the God of War of 2018 was a tale of the struggles of fatherhood and grief in the face of loss. The sequel that has come this year is titled ‘God of War Ragnarök’ and it

According to a brand-new study, a faint white dwarf star has been discovered that is at least ten billion years old. The oldest planetary debris has been found orbiting planetesimals which makes it the oldest star that is now dead

Science is definitely fascinating. There have been countless discoveries in the last few decades but still, there is so much more to find out. The Science field has progressed a lot and if you are a regular reader of technology

The research group of geneticist Thijn Brummelkamp at the Netherlands Cancer Institute has identified mystery genes that guarantee the final form of protein actin, which is a key component of the cell skeleton in our body.  Thijn Brummelkamp was asked about

Outer space is always a curious subject for all of us. Its complications related to the origin of the earth and cosmic elements have always attracted individuals from different walks of life. Adding amusement to its legends, a major gamma-ray

Few weeks ago, NASA made a big revelation, and it was about planet Jupiter. According to the scientists, you can see the Jupiter closest to Earth on September 26. Surprisingly, this happened for the first time in 59 years.  The best

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics 2022 to scientists Alain Aspect, John F Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger for their commendable work in Quantum Physics. Through their independent studies, the trio of scientists have proved that

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences on Wednesday announced the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2022 to Carolyn R Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and K Barry Sharpless. The trio of scientists have worked independently to develop models necessary for advancing modern concepts

Leading e-Commerce giant Flipkart is popular for its competitive prices in the market. Well, its offer range goes much lower when the sale goes on festive mode. The Big Billion Days 2022 have started today for Plus members. The seven-day

The first outlook of the most awaited GTA 6 has been out now. The leaked outlook contains around 90 pictures which gave fans access to crucial information about the game’s characters, map, weapons, vehicles, and a confirmation of the return

Today, September 12, 2022, Apple launched a new update, iOS 16, for its phone's operating system. As described on its official website, the latest update will bring many features for enhancing users' experience on iPhones.  iOS 16 is the most anticipated

The Heatwave this year crossed all the temperature scales. Such high temperatures are not only harmful to you but also to your cars. It becomes almost impossible to sit in the car if parked directly under the sun because of the heat.

The study of space has always been a curious subject for humans. This is why countries across the world have invested billions of dollars in launching various missions to explore the possibilities of life in outer space. In this segment,

Have you ever wondered about black hole sound? Maybe no, as we are surmounted with hundreds of theories suggesting a conception that there exist no sound waves in space, especially in black holes. However, a recent exploration made by NASA

An unusual, coiling plume of gas and line of lights in the sky at the night from Nelson to Stewart Island has left sky watchers wondering, but according to the experts, it has a very simple explanation. The residents of South Island took to

People use Facebook to share their experiences, connect with friends and family, and build communities every day. It's a service for people to express themselves across countries and cultures and multiple languages freely.  The standards are based on feedback from people

We are all familiar with the basic states of matter- solid, liquid, and gas. These elements constitute everything we see and experience in our surroundings. But, are these elements the only constituents of life on earth, or are there other

Until now, human exposure to different universal boundaries was limited to a certain extent only. The prime cause for human inability was the lack of technical frameworks. However, humans are not born to live a life of limitation. This is

NASA Scientists are closely observing a giant sunspot called AR3038, which has doubled in size in the past few days. The fast-growing sunspot's dangerous area faces Earth directly and might send solar flares our way if it explodes. These flares might

For the first time in the history of mankind, scientists have discovered 20 amino acids from the samples returned from an asteroid. The Japanese scientists launched the asteroid mission to find life traces outside the Earth. Their findings found traces of amino acids from an asteroid flying in space. During

Social media, technological content creation, and the internet all have allowed the LGBTQ+ community to advance and connect in previously inconceivable ways. Here are the top 4 ways in which technology has made a difference in the community! Improving Safety In the

The sensitive seismometer on NASA's InSight lander has registered two seismic events of magnitudes 4.2 and 4.1, the largest marsquakes ever recorded. The pair of marsquakes is also the first recorded seismic event on the far side of Mars considering the lander's

The temperatures in northern Sweden tend to move slowly to several degrees above freezing, and scientists will again go down on the squelchy peat of Stordalen Mire. They will walk across sagging wooden boardwalks, past clusters of clear plexiglass boxes

According to the company's monthly disclosure report published on Wednesday, Messaging platform, WhatsApp ban over 16 lakh accounts of Indian users in April. Out of the total, 122 accounts were banned based on user complaints, while 16.66 lakh accounts were

Cybercrime and cyber law are quite closely related terms that have gained huge relevance in the past few years. This article will give you a brief introduction to cybercrime and cyberlaw and realize their importance. So come, let’s dive deeper

In this present era, the majority of the people out there often deal with a hectic and tiresome schedule. Taking a break from the regular hustle and bustle is exceedingly mandatory; it allows you to take a chill pill for

The Indian Space Research Organization and MapMyIndia have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) to develop location-based software resources and AI-based solutions, ISRO said in its release. As part of the partnership, MapMyIndia’s end-user maps, applications, and services will now be

In this regularly changing marketing scenario, where marketing practices pose significant challenges to organizations, influencer marketing has emerged as a popular marketing method. According to a study report, around 86% of marketers rely on influencer marketing campaigns. Among these, 94% find

Instagram Reels has become a modern forum feature, borrowing a short video format from TikTok. Now, the company is working on another aspect that seems similar to what TikTok offers. The social media platform is now exploring a new Templates

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and latest Science news, a large number of strong geomagnetic storms are reported to hit the Earth in few hours. This has resulted from the intense activity on the sun