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23 May, 2022
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The Indian Space Research Organization and MapMyIndia have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) to develop location-based software resources and AI-based solutions, ISRO said in its release. As part of the partnership, MapMyIndia’s end-user maps, applications, and services will now be

In this regularly changing marketing scenario, where marketing practices pose significant challenges to organizations, influencer marketing has emerged as a popular marketing method. According to a study report, around 86% of marketers rely on influencer marketing campaigns. Among these, 94% find

Instagram Reels has become a modern forum feature, borrowing a short video format from TikTok. Now, the company is working on another aspect that seems similar to what TikTok offers. The social media platform is now exploring a new Templates

According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and latest Science news, a large number of strong geomagnetic storms are reported to hit the Earth in few hours. This has resulted from the intense activity on the sun

There was a time when the communication channels were limited to only print, radio, television, magazines, and public rallies. At that time, these carriers used to dominate the entire marketing segment. However, with the advancement in technologies, many communication channels

The new PS5 games 2022 and beyond are highly promising, with God of War: Ragnarok presently being the most desired title for PS5 players. Find here an upcoming PS5 games list to keep an eye on. 1. Evil Dead: The

If you are a tech-freak, you’ll go crazy knowing about these user-friendly tech items. From fitness to bathing setups, these gadgets are sure to make a place in your wishlist.  Kohler’s Technology Kohler has recently announced a brand new Fill Smart Bathing

You might have heard of the term Ed-Fi more than once. But, you are not sure what it exactly stands for or how it might benefit the district. A quick overview of the Ed-Fi standards will help you to understand

It's challenging to run a business these days, and it's much more difficult to keep them in operation for years. We are in the midst of a fiercely competitive era. To make your business a huge success, we need to

With the Hubspot QuickBooks integration, your data in both software systems will be synchronized. Moreover, you can use Hubspot to create invoices and manage your sales. Once you've completed the integration, you can also synchronize deals between the two. To

Salesforce's AppExchange has grown to be a very popular and successful application in the tech world. There are umpteen different software packages on the market that can help you enhance your workability. Appexchange App Development has a multi dimensional programs that

In case you are a web host, there are high chances that you have quite many WHM or Cpanel  servers. Managing these servers all alone or using an in-house team of technicians will be a cumbersome job for a maximum

Articles and tutorials about VPS are all over the Internet. They give information about how this service works and why it's good for people who want to use it. Customizable control, increased performance, resource expansion, and greater security are just

The internet has fundamentally changed a person's life. It helps people to move. It connects them with other people around the world. And there are some unexpected effects on the human brain. Some experts suggest that easy access to all

One of the most gigantic and sought-after floating solar power projects in India is now positioned in Andhra Pradesh. At its Simhadri thermal facility in Visakhapatnam, the state-run NTPC began operations at India's largest floating solar PV installation. Andhra Pradesh

What is a 'dedicated leased line,' exactly? It's a term you've probably come across if you deal with the network or connectivity of your company's IT provision. A leased line, in short, is a sort of private network service. It can

The entertainment industry has already stepped into the virtual world with various elements. Also, it is ready for metaverse technology. For example, “Radhe Shyam” is an upcoming Indian movie that has become the world's first movie to launch its trailer

Web security, in general, relates to the preventive measures and processes that businesses use to defend themselves from the propensity of malicious hacks and hazards that impact the web channel. Web security is essential for business continuity as well as

Space vessels convert their fuel into thrust, which propels humans, satellites, and science into the space orbit altogether. The 2022 Odyssey module is the ideal launching pad for the fanatic space admirers. It is really all about the momentum that

The expansion of digital space has been a blessing for consumers and businesses alike. Small-scale businesses can now conduct their entire operations online without investing in a dedicated physical space. Similarly, consumers can shop online to seek essential services from

2022 seems to be a promising year and might give us an exciting range of upcoming Apple Products. There are anticipations regarding the new iPhone 14, brand new MacBook Air Pro, and new generations of iPad. The company is also

Even though the newly released iPhone 13 is still in news, speculations about the next iteration have already started. Apple iPhone 14 design leaks that have been surfacing over the the internet hints toward a significant redesign, a brand-new punch-hole

In the run-up to the eagerly anticipated The Matrix Resurrections, there has been plenty of hysteria around the return of the mind-bending franchise. The Matrix Awakens is the latest piece of marketing, which also acts as a showcase for the

In this day and age, cybercrime has become the most common criminal offence. Hackers and crooks prey on a wide range of people on the internet. Malicious information is sometimes camouflaged as genuine software by these thieves. These files are

It cannot be disputed that students and professionals need essential tools like the apps of Microsoft Office to carry out their daily work today. However, the suite of Microsoft Office is quite expensive. People who get this suite as a

Yes, you heard that right! You can now avail yourself of the Uber ride-hailing service right from WhatsApp. How convenient is that? Here is all you need to know about booking an Uber cab from WhatsApp! As shared by uber, this

Tech giant Google is developing a more affordable version of their flagship Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro smartphones. The latest jobs on the internet suggest that the company is in the final stages of developing a more affordable version

The Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp has introduced new features for WhatsApp users. The two new features introduced in India are message-level reporting and flash calls. Now, WhatsApp web users can verify themselves and log in with a call and

Over the years, Facebook has revolutionized the way we communicate, but the exciting aspect is that the platform hasn’t forgotten to revolutionize itself! It keeps on rejuvenating itself to make us feel updated. A recent step in its evolution was the

The time when smartphones will get even smarter isn't too far. The technology is flourishing so fast that it isn't surprising to expect numerous new and unique features adding up to the current profile of smartphones. Even the upcoming smartphones in