6 Proven Tips by VSI Jaipur to Cover CA Foundation Syllabus in 3 Months

Since students are just beginning the CA preparation, they need to start in the right way. The CA Foundation syllabus is big, provided you have to cover it in just 4 months with revisions and solving ample mock tests. So, if you are looking for tips to cover the CA Foundation Syllabus in 3 months and have sufficient time for revisions, then here we have brought the best VSI study tips for you. These study tips by VSI Jaipur will help you in completing the entire CA Foundation syllabus 2022 in just three months. To get the best CA Foundation result, you need to complete the syllabus on time, revise at least 3 times and solve mock test papers. These tips had helped the VSI students to ensure the seven times AIR-1 in ten years. So, let us now discover these best tips by the VSI Jaipur for covering CA Foundation Syllabus.

6 Tips by VSI to Cover CA Foundation Syllabus

Below mentioned are the 6 tips by VSI Jaipur to cover the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 in just 3 months. But before that, it is advised to all the students to follow and download the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 PDF provided by ICAI.

1. Prepare a Time-Table

Instead of directly jumping into the ICAI Foundation syllabus, you must prepare a proper and practical timetable for yourself. Never make the blunder of thinking that making a timetable is of no use. Because your timetable is the strategy or the plan that will help you complete the syllabus on time. Firstly check out the syllabus and the CA Foundation exam pattern and allocate proper days and dates for each topic. In this way, you will cover all the CA Foundation subjects in the allocated time without delay. It will also help in analyzing your progress and the instances where you are lacking. Even at VSI Jaipur, the syllabus is covered as per the faculties’ proper study pattern and timetable.

2. Join the Proper Coaching

Guidance is something that can’t be replaced. The students preparing for the CA Foundation exams must seek guidance from the teachers and other experienced faculties. For this, they must join proper coaching that can provide them with the best study materials, timely completion of the CA Foundation syllabus by experienced faculty, and have the best previous year result. The other benefit is that good coaching is less time-consuming because when you do the self-study, you will generally take a long time to conceptualize a topic, whereas the teachers can make you understand it in a few minutes.

3. Prepare Your Own Revision Notes

Since the CA Foundation syllabus 2022 is vast, it is not possible to revise all the topics every time from the beginning. So, the best way for the revisions is to make your own revision notes. While reading a chapter, point out the main points and list them out in your copy. 

4. Have a Command Over Calculator

ICAI permits calculators in the examination halls to don’t waste most of their time doing lengthy calculations. But if you have never used the calculators during the preparation, then you might have to face problems even with its working and functions. So, make sure that you know the functions of every key in the calculator.

5. Do at least Three Times Revisions

The main aim of the CA Foundation students should not be limited to just completing the CA Foundation syllabus. Besides completing the syllabus, revisions and practising with CA Foundation question papers also matters a lot. For this, all the candidates must do at least three revisions before the CA foundation exams. Moreover, revision should go on simultaneously with the preparation. As soon as you complete some topics, allocate dates for their revisions. In the first revision, you can classify the same types of questions. This would require less time in revising the next time. Similarly, you can mark the essential topics in other revisions.

6. Solve CA Foundation Mock Papers

Before the examination, students should practice with sufficient CA Foundation question papers and mock test papers. Only after this, you would be able to analyze whether you are fully prepared or not to appear in the CA Foundation Exam. Give as many MTPs as you can to make your preparation stronger. After this, you will be fully prepared to appear in the CA Foundation Exam.

How VSI is helpful in preparing for the CA Foundation Syllabus?

VSI Jaipur follows a particular study pattern exclusively designed for the CA Foundation students. The study plan and the other major features of VSI play a vital role in helping out the students to prepare the CA Foundation Syllabus. Let us figure out all those factors and ways in VSI Jaipur will be helpful for all CA Foundation Students. Alt Text - Features of VSI Jaipur classes that helps in covering the CA Foundation syllabus
  • The CA Foundation course at VSI is completed within 3 months so that students get enough time for revisions, mock test paper solving, and other questions practising.
  • At VSI Jaipur the teachers complete the ICAI foundation syllabus as per the ABC analysis. Through it, they keep in the mind the topics that are less lengthy but hold a high weightage in exams.
  • VSI Jaipur conducts a minimum of 6 mock test papers for the CA Foundation subjects. The questions of the mock test are set as per the ICAI syllabus and last year questions.
  • As per the mock test results, the teacher analyzes the performance of each student. And provide them with personal guidance and study plans that can help them out.
  • VSI study materials for CA Foundation courses are made as per the ICAI modules. They cover all the topics in proper sequence so that the students can connect the topics. It is written in a proper and understandable language.


Therefore, following the preparation tips of VSI, you can easily pass out the CA Foundation exam with good scores and ranks. The students at VSI follow the same tips that help them to attain the best ranks in the Foundation results. Along with the tips, the guidance by VSI Jaipur is the key behind the successful results of the CA candidates. So, if you want to ensure good CA Foundation results, join the VSI Jaipur classes today. The best guidance and preparation strategy of VSI will surely help you get the best results.

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