A Timely Reflection on AI High Paying Job Potentials

Artificial Intelligence embraces a steep learning curve. The benefits of pursuing a career in AI greatly outweigh the time and effort required. A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field is usually required. A master's may suffice for leadership levels.  However, leading businesses like Apple and Google no longer demand a college degree. Regardless, artificial intelligence salary hikes and a AI high-paying job will largely depend on variables other than formal education.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Passion, confidence, and determination are all desirable qualities in a student who is aspiring to pursue an artificial intelligence course. Unlike other fields where a path has been carved out over decades, AI is still in its infancy. It means a career opportunist may have to forge his path with innovative ideas. It is interesting to note that there is no standard curriculum or module for artificial intelligence. Some distinct colleges may not provide a set of courses for an AI specialization. Conversely, some institutions with specialized AI programs may take a different line altogether. The computer science curriculum is an ideal place to start. It helps you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of data science, machine learning, and Java. Every day, a slew of new undergraduate and graduate curriculum emerges. These learning capsules are geared to prepare students for desired careers in artificial intelligence. AI comprises of a host of overlapping disciplines. For instance, knowing statistical intricacies is just as crucial as having a computer science background. Interdisciplinary courses in fields such as cognitive science can be beneficial in providing a logical framework for AI applications.

AI Job opportunities

In modern days, artificial intelligence stands out when it comes to the top careers for the future. According to a recent study, AI applications have increased to 270 percent in four years. Subsequently, it has generated a demand that outnumbers the present supply of competent job seekers.  It is a promising scenario for anyone looking for either a job in the machine learning segment or insisting on an artificial intelligence salary hike. The number of industries that use AI is likewise growing. The growth rate is to the point where almost no big corporation will be unaffected by this fast-moving technological revolution. Here are some statistics of in-demand Artificial Intelligence jobs: Line of Work                                                                 Growth % (2015-2019)
  • Machine Learning Technician                                     344
  • Robotics Architect                                                         128  
  • Computer Scientists                                                      116
  • Data manager                                                                  78


The job prospects for AI are indeed promising. It is up to career aspirants and professionals to chart their career paths and obtain the essential skills and expertise. Successful AI courses and networking with the right candidates will be bound to make a difference. Internship and job openings will certainly follow.

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