Interesting Software Testing Certification Courses To Boost Your Career

Software testing is an important part of many businesses because it helps them constantly evaluate the quality of the software they use. Moreover, it also helps them make sure that the software responds in the right way when used by a variety of stakeholders. As a result, there is a massive requirement for software testers around the world. Hence, a software testing certification can be of great help in boosting your career and getting the salary of your dreams.  There are a variety of certifications for software testing available, so it can be a bit difficult to choose the right one for you. You can check out automation testing courses online to find the right fit for you. However, there are numerous automation testing fields online, so we have listed out some interesting courses that will give a leap to your career. 

Certified Software Tester (CSTE) By QAI 

This certification offers high-level competence to understand the key principles and good practices in quality control. If you are at the start of your career, this is one of the best certifications for you. After this certification, you can easily get a job as a software testing advisor or a quality control manager. In order to enroll for this certification, you just need to have experience working on software testing. You will have to undertake two exams at Pearson Vue Testing Centers in order to finish the certification course successfully. 

Foundation Level Agile Tester Certification By ISTQB

This is a beginner-level certification course for people who are working as entry-level testers and are interested in Agile testing. It is a new approach in software testing that is gaining popularity very fast. It works on the Agile software development methodology, so that is what you will learn when you undertake this certification. If you have completed the Foundation Level certification (CTFL) by ISTQB, then this would be like an add-on course to take your knowledge and experience to new heights.

Certified Manager Of Software Testing (CMST) By QAI

This software testing certification is an advanced-level course. It is tailor-made for management-level roles in software testing. In order to do this certification, you must have a working knowledge of the principles and good practices involved in software testing. In addition to that, you must also demonstrate skills to manage projects pertaining to software testing. You will have to take two exams to successfully finish this certification, where you will be tested on test analysis, test management, test planning & execution, and communication. 

Certified Associate In Software Testing (CAST) By QAI Global Institute  

This certificate works for you regardless of whether you are a beginner who is just starting out or a professional with a few years of experience under his/her belt. This is a must-have certification for all individuals in the field. Certified Associate in Software Testing is a comprehensive certification offered by QAI Global Institute for testing professionals. If you are a newbie who is looking to establish the right foundation in the field of software testing with a detailed knowledge of automation, CAST is the ideal certification for you. 

Automation Test Engineer By Simplilearn 

This Automation Test Engineer certification by Simplilearn gives you an edge in the industry by expanding your knowledge base. This Master’s program will offer you a complete understanding of all the relevant frameworks such as TestNG, Webdriver, Maven, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker. In addition to that, you can expect to learn J2EE and Core Java in this certification program. This comprehensive program also teaches individuals how to automate web apps as well as use containers on docker platforms. Rest assured, getting this certification will help you find the expertise you have been looking for in the field of test automation. 

Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer By ISTQB

Have you already reached the highest level in your testing automation career? Do you have an advanced degree in the field and are a test automation architect or a test lead? If yes, then this certification from ISTQB is the right feather for your cap and a solid addition to your CV. You can complete this certificate program with a fee of $240 and study all the important modules that are key to developing your expertise in a wide array of topics. 


That’s it from us! These are some of the best and most interesting software testing certification courses you can find online today. They offer everything from the most basic to advanced knowledge to help you become an expert in your chosen domain. You can select any of the courses mentioned above that suit your needs and become a professional in the field of test automation.

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