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21 May, 2022
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Reasons To Choose Ethical Hacking As Your Career

Enterprises have accelerated their digital transformation process considerably in response to the ongoing COVID epidemic. This new technology necessitates more robust network security and the recruitment of more network security professionals. As more businesses see the value of CEH certification, an increasing number of network security experts are seeking to become certified. The CEH Training In Chennai prepares candidates with the tactics employed by IT professionals and businesses. 


Additionally, it provides hands-on experience and working understanding of security concerns and proper responses to malicious intrusions. Ethical hacking has grown in popularity in recent years due to the surge in cyber fraud. 


Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of data breaches and cyber crimes in the news. According to Gartner and Accenture research, the information security industry is predicted to reach $170.4 billion by 2022, and roughly 68% of global company executives believe cybersecurity dangers are increasing.


Perks Of Choosing Ethical Hacking As Your Career

Huge Salary Packages

In the response to recent privacy breaches, cybersecurity and ethical hacking have taken center stage. Companies are prepared to pay a higher price to secure their data from possible cyber-attacks. These organizations are ready to pay cybersecurity professionals a hefty wage of around $71,331 each year to keep their data safe from black hat hackers.

Greater Sense Of Achievement

It is the first duty of an ethical hacker to defend. An overwhelming sense of satisfaction comes from protecting the personal information of so many people. There are always black hat hackers out there trying to break into networks and steal data for their own destructive purposes. The ethical hacker’s role is to secure the company’s data and defend the business system from such crimes.

The Thrill of Hacking Never Fades

Unlike black hat hackers who exploit system vulnerabilities for their gain, ethical hackers are tasked with identifying and reporting system flaws to the authorities or developing possible remedies. Even ethical hackers like the excitement of breaking into networks to keep sensitive data safe from harm. The work never becomes tedious.

To break into systems, hackers employ each and every tool at their disposal, and new tools are constantly being developed. Ethical hackers must stay up to date to keep the system’s data safe from their attacks. While hackers only need to infiltrate the system once, security specialists must succeed consistently in order to safeguard the organization’s data.

Be Recognised Globally

Ethical hackers must pass a CEH certification exam in order to practice their profession. In this exam, individuals will be tested on their knowledge of ethical hacking principles. 

The certificate will significantly improve your market worth and enable you to work anywhere globally. There will be an estimated 3.5 million open positions in the information security field by 2025 because of the growing demand.

CEH certification will also enable you to pursue a career in Fortune 500 firms. From computer giants like Google to high-end fashion labels, every industry requires someone with this skillset; therefore, there is no specific industry in which this profession cannot be leveraged. As a result, you will be able to apply for jobs with any organization.

A Continual Flow of New Possibilities

The employment opportunities for ethical hackers are not limited, as has already been stated. They’re required in every area. Ethical hacking has a lot of room for growth because of a dearth of competent specialists. Additionally, there will always be weaknesses in technology that will be exploited by unscrupulous black hat hackers for their own advantage as long as technology exists. 

Hackers will always strive to advance and invent new methods for gaining illegal access to systems in the future. Therefore, ethical hacking will always be in demand, and students should consider it a viable career option.

Understanding a Hacker’s Thought Process

One of the greatest dangers that a business confronts is the intrusion of black hat hackers who are out to steal valuable information for their own gain. Understanding the hacker’s mindset is one of the many advantages of mastering ethical hacking.

Even if it is not feasible to totally eliminate the possibility of a data breach in the event of an attack, ethical hackers can significantly lower the likelihood of criminals gaining access to data. A hacker’s mentality can only be understood via practice and training.

Help Create a Safe Internet for All

Cyber-attacks aren’t just a problem for large corporations. The chance of being a victim of a cyberattack is significant for everybody who uses technology in any way. We frequently see phishing emails and SMS claiming that the user has won a massive sum of money and attempting to entice the victim into providing passwords and other information.

Every person who uses technology should have at least a basic understanding of cybersecurity to protect oneself against such intrusions. Everyone will benefit from ethical hacking training, as the internet will be more secure.

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