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A Sneak Peek into the Enticing Love Story of Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman

Not a lot of people know about veteran actor Dev Anand’s love for her on-screen sister Janice from Hare Rama Hare Krishna. There were a lot of rumors about a burning romance between Zeenat Aman and Dev Anand when they were constantly seen together on the big screen. However, it was just for the gossip lovers and no one really knew the truth. It was not until Dev Anand explicitly talked about his love for Zeenat Aman in his autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’ that we could find out the truth. 

According to his autobiography, the Dev Anand Zeenat Aman love story came to an end because of Raj Kapoor. Although Dev Anand was known for falling in love with many of his co-actresses, he was quite bothered by the presence of Raj Kapoor in his romantic pursuits for Zeenat. He clearly stated that they were pretty emotionally attached to each other and he even had a nickname for her. He called her Zeenie. 

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Dev Anand even had plans of declaring his love for her at a special dinner at the top of the Bombay city. He had reserved Taj for that special night where they were supposed to go after a quick visit to a party. However, things took a different turn at that party when a drunk Raj Kapoor threw his arms around her and she reciprocated in a way that was more than courteous or polite. 

The Night That Changed Everything!

In his book, Dev shared a major Bollywood throwback sharing the Raj Kapoor Zeenat Aman love story. According to him, he had heard several rumors of Zeenat working with Raj Kapoor in his next film. He wrote that his heart was bleeding and for him, Zeenat was not Zeenat anymore. When Dev saw Raj and Zeenat together at the party, he was heartbroken and wanted to leave immediately but Raj insisted he stay. Dev Anand never told Zeenat about the place he had intended to take her after the party. According to him, it had lost all meaning. 

Dev Anand further wrote that the evening was a huge blow to his self-esteem, dominating spirit, and personality. He had put Zeenat on a pedestal and had decided to confess his undying love for her in the spur of the moment but alas, it was not meant to be. 

The actor further said that he quickly detached himself and convinced himself of the blunder he had made. He told himself that he had taken many things for granted and there was absolutely no need for him to have any kind of bad feelings towards Zeenat in the long run. 

This torrid love affair was never meant to be and it came to an end before it could even begin because of the love story of Raj Kapoor and Zeenat Aman. Dev’s autobiography is an eye-opener as we get a sneak peek into his life and love for Zeenat in those days.

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