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21 May, 2022
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Aamir Khan’s Most Awaited Project Mahabharat Shelved?

Aamir Khan has time and again expressed his love for the historical epic Mahabharat, and that he is greatly influenced by it. He revealed his interest in making a film on Mahabharat and knew that probably controversies will follow. According to the recent reports from the entertainment industry, Aamir Khan has shelved this ambitious project without giving any solid reason to do so. 

Mahabharat was initially proposed to be made as a movie, which was later switched to web series. The project was supposed to be directed by the renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli, and this mere announcement had set high hopes.

If sources are to be believed, Aamir Khan weighed the strengths and weaknesses of this project, after which he finally decided to delay it. In addition, he had planned the project on a scale that was not possible commercially, and this is yet another reason behind postponing this project.

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is known for investing his blood and sweat in every project he works on. Similarly, the stipulated time to complete the Mahabharat film was around five years. According to reports, Aamir could not invest five long years right now, as other reasonable projects would have gotten ignored during this period. Aamir Khan is known to work on one project at a time, and investing five long years in a controversial project like Mahabharat would have raised walls for other commercial projects.

Acclaimed sources claimed that Aamir believed it wasn’t the right time for Mahabharat, as the project was sure to get surrounded by controversies during the current political scenario. Aamir Khan was supposed to play the character of Lord Krishna in the film. He believed that the current climate (political scenario in the nation), wouldn’t have favored this decision.

The crust of the matter is that Mahabharat is no longer in the pipeline of the projects of Aamir Khan. It is shelved for now, and there is no news about resuming the same in any time to come. If rumours are to be believed, Aamir postponed this project to avoid savory controversies that might make it challenging for the actor to work on other projects. The current political state of the nation is supposedly one of the reasons behind Mahabharat Shelved. Therefore, the so called dream-project is now on hold for the time unknown, and Aamir Khan fans will have to wait to see their favorite actor play the historic character of Lord Krishna. 

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