Actor Ratna Pathak Expressed Concern About India’s Shift As A Conservative State

There’s too much happening on the political and social front in the country, and veteran actor Ratna Pathak has a lot to express. Recently, the Sarabhai vs Sarabhai fame spoke about her concern about the conservative shift of Indian society. She revealed her views during an interview, in which she was asked, “Whether she is going to keep a Karva Chauth fast for her husband Naseeruddin Shah”? To this query, she responded that such questions have never come up in the last 40 years of her career.  The excerpts are from Ratna Pathak interview, in which she said, the Indian society has become extremely conservative, and seems like India is becoming Saudi Arabia. She further added that I strongly feel that we as a society are becoming extremely superstitious, and we are also being forced to accept and make religion the most important part of our lives. Suddenly, everyone has started asking “karwa chauth ka vrat nahi kar rahe aap( are you not fasting for your husband this karwa chauth)”? https://twitter.com/TheQuint/status/1551933550278201345 She also pointed out on the advertisement promoting astrology and match making based on stars of two individuals. Ratna Pathak Shah spoke about the number of ads for Kundali matchmaking, Vastu tips and others which have turned into the business of some self-claimed gurus who are spoiling the Indian society.  Talking about the scenario prevailing in the country, she mentioned the killing of Dabholkar in the broad day light and then nothing gets done about it. Mrs. Shah asked people in general that, “Is it the modern society that we talk about, or our religion has overturned humanity”? She emphasized that we are moving towards an extremely conservative society, and the first thing a conservative society does is puts down its women.

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