Battlegrounds Mobile: Take Advantage Of This One-Of-A-Kind Gaming Experience On Your Android Device!

As pre-registration for Battlegrounds Mobile has opened for the public, here are a few things to bear in mind:

Nature of the Game

Battlegrounds Mobile India is basically a “Battle Royale" game where several players deploy techniques to fight and be the last man surviving on the battlegrounds. It is universally a free-to-play multiplayer game where players can compete in manifold gaming rituals, including squad-based and one-on-one battles. New eSport events tailored to Indian gamers are the essence of this gaming option. This distinct game brought by Krafton will offer both the content community and the eSports ecosystem the much-needed boost in their respective segments.

Plenty of Rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India has recently released a new teaser featuring a Bollywood personality; namely, star Arshad Warsi to invite gamers to pre-register for the gaming platform. It is now widely available on the Google Play Store. It also attracts a few early birds rewards on a “first come first serve basis”. The rewards include:
  • The Recon Outfit
  • The Recon Mask
  • 300 AG
  • Celebration Expert Title

System Requirements

The particular game strictly requires Android 5.1.1 or higher versions along with 2 GB of RAM. It implies that most contemporary cell phones conform to Battlegrounds Mobile. The gamers are, however, advised to go for high-quality Android devices to achieve the best visuals and graphics.

Gaming Registration

One needs to go to the Google Play Store on the Android mobile and look for Battlegrounds Mobile. While searching, ensure to type the precise spelling in the search bar. The game will rightly appear in the search results. It's marked as 'Coming Soon’. You need to tap on it and then on the link to allow pre-registration. The developer for the game should be listed as ‘Krafton'. One may find several other search results with a similar game description. Just avoid downloading or install them as your gaming criteria. To sum up:
  • Tap on flow on the play store
  • Download it as a subsequent step
  • Do enjoy quality search results

Pros and Cons


  • Exciting rewards for prospective users
  • Easy to download
  • High-quality graphics
  • Simple to operate unlike PUBG versions
  • The in-game contents are explicit and pre-defined


  • Age restrictions are imposed
  • Not allowed for people below 18 years of age
  • Still not in favor of iOS users.


  • The pre-registration is in progress.
  • The registration process is going on through the Google play store on the Android platform.
  • Exclusive early-bird rewards for Indian citizens are the prime attractions.

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