Bollywood couple who received hate due to their age difference : Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

The global icon Priyanka Chopra stunned everyone when she announced that she is tying the knot with American singer and songwriter Nick Jonas. The couple dated for six months before finally tying the knot on 1st December 2018.  Reportedly, Nick proposed to the original desi girl in Greece, and the female actor instantly said "yes". Though fans flooded the entire social media by #nickyanka, Priyanka also received a lot of criticism and hate due to a 10-year long gap between the couple, added with a poles apart cultural background.  The couple was at the receiving end of mean comments. Even after getting married, an article was also published calling the female actor a global scam artist and asking questions like, Is the love of the couple really real? The couple firmly believes that the age gap or cultural differences aren't a big hurdle in their relationship, and none of it was hard to adjust. Apparently, It is Priyanka who calls Nick' old man Jonas' and not the other way around.  The couple had the big-fat desi style Hindu wedding and a Christian wedding, which clearly shows their respect for each other's culture. Priyanka also spoke about the double standards that exists in India, that whenever a woman marries an older man, It's appreciated, but flipping the situation changes people's mentality.  "People gave us a lot of sh*t about that and still do, I find it really amazing when you flip it, and the guy is older, no one cares, and actually people like it." Said Priyanka Apart from the criticism and hate, the couple also received appreciation for taking a bold step and not caring about what society would think.  "My wife's 37. It's cool." Said Nick in a singing reality show. I don't want to change my life based on the opinion of 150 people, and it doesn't affect me. I call it as lazy journalism because you are giving importance to people's opinions, instead of newsworthy news in the country." quoted Priyanka in an interview with ETimes.  priyanka instagram 1 Image credits: Instagram/priyankachopra The stunning couple completed 2 years in December 2020, and we don't think that the age-gap or the cultural differences will be a complication for two souls who are completely in love with each other.  

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