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26 Jun, 2022
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Brahmastra Trailer Out Now: It is Sure To Give You Chills

The much-awaited Brahmastra trailer is out now, and it is sure to give you chill. The trailer is packed with impressive visual effects that will make you spell bound. The Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s starred film is seen to have the ability to change the way people perceived Bollywood’s capability, especially the fantasy adventure genre. Besides, the extra-ordinary action, romance and drama have surely lived up to the expectations of the fans. 

The film is definitely going to take fans on a journey along with Shiva (Ranbir), as he gets inducted into the world of Astras. Throughout his journey, he discovers his destiny as the divine hero of the universe. In the film, the young man Shiva falls in love with a girl named Isha (Alia), and their love story doesn’t falls in the regular line like we usually see in other romantic films. The life of Shiva and Isha turns upside down as Shiva learns about his mysterious connection to the Brahmastra. As the story moves ahead, Shiva finds out that he has a great power within his body, called the power of Fire. 

In the trailer, Amitabh Bachchan introduced us to the many keeps of the sacred powers through a monologue in his voice. He explains how wind, water, fire have existed among us since ancient time, and how they have been harnessed into Astras. 

Film Brahmastra is the story of the lord of Astras- called the Brahmastra. The young boy Ranbir discovers during the story that the destiny of Brahmastra depends on him. During the movie, Ranbir keeps on discovering his powers, and that only he can save Brahmastra from reaching the wrong hands. 

As the trailer proceeds, audiences get acquainted with the Queen of the dark forces, called Junoon- played by Mouni Roy. Shiva struggles to control the fire he has within him, while Junoon pulls her army and orders them to fight for just one goal, which is Brahmastra. 

‘Brahmastra’ is the first step of India’s first original universe, the Astraverse. It is the most unique and new original cinematic universe that has its deep roots from the Indian ancient history. The movie shows a unique combination of fantasy storytelling, good vs. evil, adventure, love and hope through the most cutting edge technology, and mild-blowing visual effects. 

If rumours are to be believed, Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone will also be featured in the film, while they play cameos. 

9th September is the day for release in theatres, and the Brahmastra trailer looks promising. So, it is surely worth the wait. 

Brahmastra part one shiva trailer has got tremendous response from the fans and people are saying one watch is not enough. The visual effects are surely never seen before, which is making the audience applaud the efforts put in by the team. The film took a total of 5 years in making, and as an answer the Brahmastra part one Shiva reaction, the audience thinks it’s worth the hype. 

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