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Celebrities Who Went Out Of Their Way To Help Their Fans

Celebs and fans have an overly special connection with each other. The stardom comes with many things, including a massive fan base. And sometimes it’s hard to return all the love celebs get from fans. There are many celebrities who became friends with fans.

But there have been times when celebrities help fans financiallyand a few celebs went overboard to express their love for fans. Let’s have a look:   

Shah Rukh Khan  

A guy asked him on Twitter to ask a girl to go on the prom with him, to which SRK replied, if I ask her out, she won’t go with you. There’s a reason we call him the king of romance. SRK helped this guy on Twitter to ask a girl out on prom, and the girl went with the guy. After the boy thanked Shah Rukh Khan for the help, he replied, “Treat her with dignity, gentleness and love…and pepper it with a bit of humour,”

Not just this, a couple from India travelled to Egypt and had issues sending advance payment to an Egyptian travel agent. But when the agent knew they were from SRK’s country, India, he trusted them and made the booking without the payment. The lady travelling to Egypt tweeted: “Needed to transfer money to a travel agent in Egypt. I was having problems with the transfer. He said: you are from the country of @iamsrk. I trust you. I will make the booking; you will pay me later. For anywhere else, I wouldn’t do this. But anything for @iamsrk. & he did!” 

Later, the story concluded when SRK himself sent gifts to his Egyptian fan and the professor. The professor tweeted: “A very happy ending to this story. 3 photos signed by SRK arrived today, one with the nicest message for the Egyptian travel agent, one for his daughter & one for mine @Ketaki_Varma Thanks @pooja_dadlani for getting in touch & of course to @iamsrk for the gracious gesture,” 

Later she tweeted: “My husband & I finally met the man in this story today! I told him about the tsunami of good cheer his story generated. @RedChilliesEnt : he would be delighted with a photo of @iamsrk , autographed in his daughter’s name if possible. Please DM me if this can be arranged, thanks!”

 Aamir Khan 

When Aamir Khan met Nihal Bitla, who was suffering from a rare genetic disorder called progeria, Nihal wanted to thank Aamir for the movie Taare Zameen Par which gave him courage and made a wish to meet him. The actor met his fan and even drew with him. 

Varun Dhawan 

In a Twitter thread, a girl from Ahmedabad wrote to Varun Dhawan about how her father abused her. 

The girl tweeted: “Respected Sir, I have been beaten and abused by my father several times. He abuses me and my mother every single day. He, for days doesn’t let me eat food, also threatens us by using curse words and abusive language. My father has been keeping alcohol and drinks illegally in the house, and this has been going on for years. He’s had extra marital affairs and has been cheating on my mother. We once have had complained against him but the police left him after few hours,”

The actor replied: “This an extremely serious matter and if this is true I will help will u and speak to the authorities,”

The actor quickly reached out to help and informed the police about the matter. Reportedly, it was true, and the Ahmedabad police thanked him.

Taylor Swift  

Taylor Swift helped a new NYC-based photographer struggling to pay her bills due to the pandemic. 

The photographer posted: “I made a post on Tumblr about how I was scared I wouldn’t be able to stay living in NYC because of what corona has done to the music industry. @taylorswift13 literally single-handedly saved my ability to stay here. i cannot even believe my eyes right now,” 

Reportedly, a fan reached out to Taylor, telling the singer that a couple, Max and Kenya, had gotten married by his mother’s bedside in the hospital so she wouldn’t miss out on the wedding. The mother and son even danced to Blank Space before she died. The next thing we see is Taylor performing at their wedding. 

Salman Khan 

Salman Khan adopted a Kashmiri family and helped them rebuild their house in the village that got destroyed in the 2014 floods. 

Meghan Markle 

Reportedly, Meghan wrote a handwritten letter for a fan who said Meghan’s words inspired and motivated her to begin aid work in Costa Rica. Emily Sorrells, the fan, reached out to Meghan on Twitter and had a six-year online friendship until they met at the event. 

Hrithik Roshan 

When a fan from Jabalpur suffering from cancer made her last wish to meet Hrithik. The actor shooting for Mohenjo Daro in Jabalpur went to meet her. 

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