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24 May, 2022
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Moon Knight Marvel

Did Marvel Copy From The Indian Series – Mahabharata?

Oscar Isaac starrer ‘Moon Knight’ series was released last month on Disney+ Hotstar. The series has so far received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. The much-awaited series Moon Knight Marvel is already making a lot of waves, but we didn’t expect it will make headlines for THIS reason. Some fans have pointed out that the background score of the series has been copied from the Indian TV epic series Mahabharata, which aired on Star Plus in 2013. What’s interesting is that both the series are available on Disney+ Hotstar.

It has become a hot topic for internet users after some Indian fans noticed the similarity of the background score of Moon Knight with the Indian television program Mahabharata. 

The similarity is notable after a Reddit user shared a video showing both the background music Moon Knight and Mahabharata and wrote: “Marvel’s Moon Knight background score is like the Mahabharat theme,”

The post quickly got viral on the internet, with many fans jokingly calling out Marvel for copying Indian music. Meanwhile, some are still confused if they have actually copied the music or have just downloaded it. 

Responding to the video, one user wrote: “Good find OP. Wondering if it’s copied or rights were taken,”

“Many times, makers tend to use filler music called temp music and recreated/imitated music pieces just within legal limits as part of BGM. Marvel has history of doing it. There’s a great video by Every frame,” wrote a painting channel explaining the process of the Marvel symphonic universe. 

“I recommend watching the whole video, but the relevant part starts from 6 min onwards. And a follow-up video to that where they compare some similar-sounding tracks. Fyi, it’s 5 years old and taking note from this video Marvel started to be more careful and creative wrt soundtracks eg Ragnarok. But it seems when stakes are low, they don’t mind the old days. And I think someone looks deep enough, Mahabharata soundtrack can also be linked to some old orchestra piece,” the channel added. 

One user recently shared how James Cameron’s movie Avatar copied the background music of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Swades. “Avatar also copied Swades background score, I remember I was stunned when I first heard the similarities,” said the user. 

The show Mahabharata, which first aired on Indian TV channel Star Plus in 2013, is currently available on Disney + Hotstar.

These were some of the comments on the Marvel-Mahabharata controversy

“Marvel Moon Knight didn’t orchestrate the score. They purchased rights to the songs featured in the series. So you would have to find out which song it is and whether that song was created before or after Mahabharata,” 

“Yes it does sound similar but copying bgm is super normal in every industry,”

“Avatar also copied Swades background score, I remember I was stunned when I first heard the similarities,” 

“Doesn’t sound similar to me,”

“Pehle Ranveer to Shang Chi, aur ab ye. Mera India badal raha hai. Tarakki kar raha hai,” 

Moon Knight’s background music is composed by Hesham Nazih while the title track of Mahabharata is produced by two Indian directors and music composers Ajay and Atul Gogavale. 

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