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04 Feb, 2023
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Dinesh Vijan

From A Banking Job To Bollywood; Here’s The Story Of Dinesh Vijan!

To begin with, thank god that Dinesh Vijan left his banking job and decided to step into Bollywood. Otherwise, we would have missed out on incredible and content-driven films such as Stree, Luka Chuppi, Angrezi Medium, and Cocktail. Founder of the Maddock Films banner and co-founder of Illuminati Films, Dinesh Vijan, has always ensured that the story is the hero of the film before putting his money on it, and that explains why his films have performed decently at the box office.

“We back eclectic scripts and experiment with genres”

Another point worth noting in the short but triumphant story of Indian film producer and director Dinesh Vijan is that he never shied away from experimenting. Whether it’s making an actor like Varun Dhawan, a dark hero, combining two poles apart genres like horror and comedy or bagging a project that revolves around zombies, Vijan has never ‘played it safe’, and that’s what makes him different from other Bollywood filmmakers.

“It’s important that we make movies to tell stories and then earn money. If that’s done correctly, love and appreciation will follow”

Dinesh Vijan quit his banking job in 2004 to pursue films. A boy who always had a soft corner for movies stepped into the producer’s shoes with Being Cyrus (2005) which was directed by Homi Adajania. Both had no prior experience of producing or directing a film back then, cut to a few years later, both share a thick bond and are having the time of their lives in the Hindi film industry.

“An opportunity arose when a friend asked me if I’d like to co-produce films with him. Homi’s script came by, and we signed him on.”

Looking at the films that have been produced by Dinesh Vijan and Saif Ali Khan owned Illuminati Films, the production company has understood the genre of romance. However, they have kept the love stories different from the typical ones, which can be understood from films such as Love Aaj Kal, Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, Happy Endings, and Cocktail. Even if critics did not rave about Vijan’s project, but the numbers roared at the box office

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“The purchasing power has moved from just cities to smaller towns, which are, for us, the big boys. And they are the ones who come on Friday. They want stories about this India, for this India, and of this India.”

When he decided to quit his six-month-old bank job and begin producing films at the age of 23, Dinesh Vijan neither had any idea about the Bollywood industry nor had any godfather. What he learned over the years was that unless he got his own hands dirty, the films would not work. 

“Now, the decision is not just based on ‘which story’, it is also about telling the relevant story. That is all instinct. That’s what I rely on. Everything else is a process, which you need to get right.”

In fact, the background story of Dinesh Vijan’s family is nothing short of a Bollywood film. Vijan’s grandfather was not allowed to study in an English medium school, so he went to study at an Urdu medium school and later moved to Mumbai to set up a logistics business. 

“I am the first to get into films in my family. I love Bachchan and films. I came in with really big eyes and wanted to make it,”

Going strong in the game, Dinesh Vijan has interesting projects lined up, including Bhediya, Go Goa Gone 2, Shiddat, and Dasvi. Well, this is the success story of a film producer and director who always thrives on bringing something unique to the table! 

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