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04 Jun, 2023
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Include These K-pop Songs In Your Weekend Playlist

K-Pop translates to Korean Pop music that originated from South Korea. K-Pop is more like an umbrella term comprising music genres like hip hop, rock and electronic music. People across the globe are crazy about K-Pop as they are constantly evolving and bringing something new to the table with every new release. Here are some catchy K-Pop songs that you must include in your weekend playlist, irrespective of being a K-Pop newbie or a seasoned enthusiast!

Instagram By Dean

Dean’s voice is soothing, and every bit of the lyrics is valid. The moment you hear it, chances are that you are going to fall head over heels for Dean’s calming voice. The song is full of clever messages like – I know tomorrow is coming. Sleep just isn’t coming to me. So I’m on Instagram, Instagram again – that’s being brutally honest, you guys!

Life Goes On By BTS

BTS is achieving something new every day! Recently, BTS topped the World Albums Chart and the World Digital Song Sales Chart released by Billboard and can y’all guess which BTS song topped the charts? It’s Life Goes On! Isn’t it enough of a reason to listen to it?

As If It’s Your Last By Blackpink

If you are a fan of house and a mixture of retro vibes, you are going to love this one by BlackPink. The video is hella colourful and gives out all positive vibes!

Dynamite By BTS

If you haven’t heard Dynamite by BTS, you’re probably living under a rock, cox; that’s how famous the song is! It’s a cult K-Pop classic and equally catchy!

Wake Me Up By B.A.P

The song is sonically intense and deeply personal! Hitting at the right spot with its lyrics, Wake Me Up addresses mental health and self-perceived fears.

Butter By BTS

Butter is the new release of the most famous K-Pop group out there, ofcourse BTS, who else! The group released the CD single to celebrate BTS ARMY’s birthday (K-Pop fans know what we are talking about!) As we write about it, people have already started grooving to the tunes of Butter; go join them!

Bboom Bboom By Momoland

It’s a breakout hit by Momoland. We are sure that the moment you hear it, you will jump out of bed and say goodbye to all lazy blues; the song literally activates your energy!

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