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04 Jun, 2023
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Indian YouTubers You Should Follow Now

YouTube has long been a thriving space for content creators and other artists alike for showcasing their skill and talent. Over the course of the past decade, the platform has become increasingly popular among Indian artists and audiences as well. With various new artists announcing themselves on the stage with every passing day, it might get difficult for one to keep track of the best. If you’re looking for help regarding which YouTubers to follow in India, then worry no more! Read on to find out.

Ajey Nagar-CarryMinati


Known predominantly for his comedic skits and reaction videos to a host of different online topics, Ajey is a well-known YouTube personality in India. His videos mostly involve a scathing commentary on various cringe-worthy content on the internet, written with the aim of sending the audience into ceaseless fits of laughter.

Ashish Chanchlani


Armed with relatable content and impeccable comic timing, Ashish Chanchlani first broke into the scene because of his parodies which were successful in capturing the attention of millions of viewers. Known for his unique and original content, his comedy vines are truly a treat to watch.

 Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana

Dealing mostly with comedy sketches, Amit Bhadana is a highly popular YouTube artist who is known for creating content that relates to everyday life. Usually quirky in nature, his videos are generally about situations in which middle-class and lower-middle-class people find themselves.

Bhuvan Bam- BB Ki Vines


Winner of the “Global Entertainer of the Year” in 2019, Bhuvan Bam is a massively recognized figure in the Indian YouTube space. Fluent in sarcasm and witty humor, he’s extremely popular among the youth for his eccentric mannerisms.

Gaurav Chaudhary


Popular among the tech mass, Gaurav Chaudhary is mostly known for his unboxing and mobile review videos. His selection of topics as well as his manner of explanation is what endears him to his large number of subscribers.



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