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04 Jun, 2023
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Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar

Learn The Secrets Of A Happy Married Life From Twinkle Khanna And Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar have been happily married since 2001 and have two children named Nitara and Aarav. When they met, Akshay Kumar was new to the Bollywood film industry, and Twinkle Khanna was the daughter of two famous actors. So, what has been the secret to their happy married life? When addressing this question to Twinkle Khanna in an interview, she said love is okay, but you need something more to make a marriage work. There is a lot of truth to that. While Akshay Kumar is tagged with many names such as Mr Box Office and Mr Khiladi Kumar, the name that he likes the most is ‘A Family Man.’ 

Their marriage is rock solid, but behind this strong marriage, there has been a lot of effort from both sides to make it function. Their match was an unlikely one, and they have constantly worked to make it work. According to Akshay Kumar, the secret to a happy married life is putting your wife first. Even if it is very difficult at times, you need to do it. If your wife is happy, the entire family will be satisfied. So, treat her like a queen. So, can we say that this is their secret? Yes, to a great extent! But they have also set up certain norms in the household that might sound weird when you hear them for the first time. However, it makes sense when you consider them carefully. 

Twinkle Khanna children, Nitara and Aarav, are raised in a household that believes in equality. Twinkle recently revealed that they share the responsibility of their children’s education by dividing the expenses between them. She says that she believes in equality, and her mother, from a young age, instilled the importance of self-reliance, and she wants to do the same for her children. This is also an important aspect of married life. Everyone has their own style of raising kids but instilling important qualities such as self-reliance is very important. Moreover, Akshay Kumar is extremely supportive of his wife’s decisions, so that shows a lot of support and love in the household. 

Who knows? Maybe sharing responsibilities equally in terms of finances may be the secret behind a happy married life, or perhaps it is the principles on which they function!

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