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23 Mar, 2023
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Mili Teaser: Is Janhvi Kapoor Starrer Based On the Famous Woman Trapped in Meat Freezer Case?

The teaser of Janhvi Kapoor starrer Mili was dropped today. While the 48 seconds Mili teaser did not really establish the entire storyline of the film but what caught our attention was the line ‘Inspired by true events’. And then we crawled the internet like anything to see what event inspired Mathukutty Xavier to make Mili.

While the film’s name ‘Mili’ can possibly be the name of the lead character essayed by Janhvi Kapoor but if you analyse it further, it might actually mean ‘how the woman was found who was just near the death door’ or ‘literally pulled out from a near to death scene’ or a ‘miracle that gave her a second chance to live’. Well, if it still didn’t strike your memory, let us tell you that the film might be loosely based on the very famous case of a woman who got trapped in a freezer and was saved by just seconds.

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The stories that we heard about the miracle of greeting someone and how it saved a woman’s life might have inspired the director of Mili to make a film about it. From what seems from the teaser, as the clock is ticking, Janhvi Kapoor as a brave girl, is struggling every second in the cold to keep herself alive. Fighting the impossible, Janhvi’s character is shown wrapped entirely in plastic, who is breaking every barrier and dying to survive. Well, has a similar incident taken place in real life? Well, yes!

The Spine-Chilling Story of a Woman Trapped in a Meat Freezer!

Can you imagine yourself being stuck in a cold deserted mountain with nothing to protect you from the bone-chilling winds? Well, let’s be honest; one will probably die in such a helpless situation. Only a miracle would save you.

An incident occurred at a meat distribution factory when a woman worker decided to pay a final visit to the sub-zero temperature room before ending her work shift. The woman’s job was to inspect the meat products stored in the industrial meat freezer. However, little did she know that night was going to be a near-to-death experience for her.

As she entered the chilling zone, the main door, which can only be opened from the outside, got closed accidentally, leaving her locked inside a meat freezer with slabs of meat products and minus temperature. Well, the woman screamed her lungs out, but all gone in vain as all the workers had already gone home for the night and the sound-proof room effectively cancelled her cry for help.

As the clock was ticking, the woman was fighting every second. The extremely low temperature started seeping into her bones, and she began showing symptoms of early hypothermia.

For the unversed, hypothermia is a medical condition where your body loses its natural heat, causing a life-threatening low body temperature. It occurs when your body’s temperature falls below 95 F against the normal body temperature of 98.6 F. Five hours into the deadly freezer; the woman ofocurse accepts the inevitability of death with every degree dropping and slowly killing her consciousness.

In a situation where a woman is stuck in a sub-zero temperature room with no protection and not a single human soul to help her out, you might think that this is it; there’s no way she can be saved!

But….miracles do take place! As the woman is slowly approaching the complete hypothermic state and her soul is about to leave her body, suddenly, the door of the freezer opens. The woman is saved by the security guard of the meat distribution factory.

As the woman is wrapped in several blankets to bring her body’s normal temperature back, she, who had probably lost all hopes of surviving the night, asks the security guard.

“Why did you open the gate of the meat freezer, which is not even a part of your daily night routine?”

The answer that the security guard gave was the turning point in the story. The guard said:

“I’ve been working in this factory for 35 years, hundreds of workers come in and out every day, but you’re one of the few who greet me in the morning and say goodbye to me every night when leaving after work. Many treat me as if I’m invisible,”

“Today, as you reported for work, like all other days, you greeted me in your simple manner ‘, Hello’. But this evening after working hours, I curiously observed that I had not heard your Bye, see you tomorrow.”

“Hence, I decided to check around the factory. I look forward to your ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ every day because they remind me that I am someone.”

“By not hearing your farewell today, I knew something had happened. That’s why I was searching everywhere for you.”

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Well, the woman who had given up on life was surprisingly saved by the person she least expected from. It is one of the most inspiring stories that needed to be told on a global scale. And what better way to do that than make a full-fledged Bollywood film on it? 

Mili is all set to hit the theatres on 4th November 2022. 

Watch the Mili teaser here

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