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09 Dec, 2022
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Naagin 6 Updates: Yeti Fights; Tejasswi Prakash Aka Pratha Becomes……

The episode of Naagin 6 starts with Mehek (Mahekk Chahal) and Rishabh Gujral (Simba Nagpal) going to Uttarakhand for Rishabh’s business meeting. Mehek learns from the car radio that Yeti has entered India’s border and is now heading towards Uttarakhand. Mehek panics and asks Rishabh to turn the car. Rishabh tells Mehek that she is unnecessarily worrying. He tells Mehek that the army would be called to deal with the giant beast.

Yeti Scares Mehek

Mehek gets flashbacks of Farishta telling her that the Yeti is coming to India only to fight the Sheshnaagin. Mehek and Rishabh reach their destination. Mehek gets to know that Rishabh’s client is her business partner Rajesh Pratap Singh mentioned by her aunt Urvashi. Mehek and Rishabh after entering Rajesh’s house are informed by the staff that Rajesh had to leave half an hour ago for a very important meeting in Mumbai. Rishabh stays at Rajesh’s house for the night due to the threat of Yeti. Rishabh tells Mehek he isn’t scared of Yeti but it is unsafe to travel at night so he stays.

Mehek Been Attacked

Mehek Chahal gets a nightmare where Yeti has arrived at Rajesh’s cottage and attacks her. Mehek wakes up only to realize Yeti has actually come to the house. Mehek runs for her life but is stopped by Yeti. Mehek transforms into a snake and tries to kill Yeti but is overpowered by him. Yeti beats her up and is about to crush her within his palm as Mehek says: “I’m not Sheshnaagin,” three times. Farishta had told Pratha (Tejasswi Prakash) that if Mehek says it three times then she can get back her powers. Mehek’s Nag Mani falls and Yeti spares her realizing that she is not the Sheshnaagin. Mehek then puts the Nag Mani back inside her navel.

Pratha Becomes Sheshnaagin Again

Pratha stops Yeti in the mountains. Pratha tells him she knows he is none other than Farishta himself. Pratha recalls how she picked the original Nag Mani while Mehek was being crushed by Yeti. Farishta as Yeti then turns away as Pratha is determined to get her vengeance. Meanwhile, the corrupt lady inspector who conspired to kill Pratha’s baby is harassing a poor woman who is struggling for her little daughter’s treatment. Pratha helps the lady and gives her money to get her daughter treated. Pratha then confronts the lady cop and transforms into a Sheshnaagin. Pratha uses her powers and burns up the lady cop inside her police jeep.

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Sheshnaagin Saves Jwala

Pratha goes back to the Nagmahal and prays to Lord Shiva to show her the face of those who murdered her baby. Pratha sees Rishabh, Rehan and his siblings, and Mehek. Pratha pledges in front of Lord Shiva’s idol to seek revenge on evil doers and punish them. Mehek gets to know from Urvashi (Urvashi Dholakia) that Zhang is after their lives as the plot he wanted to acquire for his drugs couldn’t be bought. Urvashi taunts Mehek that her Sheshnaagin powers are useless. 

The next morning Chanda (Sneha Raikar) remembers Pratha on her birthday. At the secret hideout, Jwala and other women are planning Pratha’s birthday celebrations when the younger girl along with Jwala and other women are attacked by drunk goons. Pratha arrives and transforms into a Sheshnaagin.

In the upcoming episode of Naagin 6, a man with long hair is revealed from the secret room Urvashi had locked up. Pratha is seen in a new modern avatar wearing a red gown as she comes back to punish her enemies.

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