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04 Jun, 2023
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Rubina Dilaik

Rubina Dilaik And Other Female Actors Who Gave A Befitting Reply To Fat Shamers!

Though the leading ladies of Bollywood have earned a lot of success in their respective careers, however, since they are always in the public eye, they were brutally fat shamed on various social media platforms. In the digital age, it’s quite easy for trollers to hide behind the screen and comment on celebrities’ bodies. 

As per societal norms, women are expected to have a perfect body type even after they go through tremendous changes. Mostly, female actors are constantly under public scrutiny for their bodies and eventually have to face fat-shaming almost all the time. 

Here are 6 female actors who have faced criticism for gaining weight but had a befitting reply for trollers: 

Rubina Dilaik

The latest to face the wrath of haters and trollers is none other than Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik. Though Rubina is a fitness freak, she gained weight after recovering from covid-19, which has attracted a lot of hate messages towards her. However, Rubina Dilaik took to social media to address the issue and also revealed that her ‘pseudo fans’ are threatening to leave her fandom just because she is fat now. Sharing her disappointment, Rubina Dilaik penned down a long note. Take a look here:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The Miss World 1994, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan faced a lot of criticism for her body when she appeared at the Cannes Film Festival after giving birth to a child. However, haters and trollers seemed to ignore the fact that Ash gave birth to a child and started fat shaming her like nobody’s business. Speaking to Rajeev Masand, Ash addressed the issue and said: “Contextually, post motherhood, you are referring to specifically body shaming. Because you are looking at it from that aspect of the body frame changing. I am talking about the reason I was able to handle it because I have faced judgement in my life for so long,” 

Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan is undoubtedly one of the most talented ladies of Bollywood. However, Vidya has been fat shamed time and again for her body weight. The Sherni actor has always been vocal about the issues that she has faced in her career. Talking about being fat shamed, Vidya said: “I’ve had hormonal problems all my life. It’s probably because of the judgment I’ve carried around my body. When I was a teenager, people would tell me, ‘You’ve got such a pretty face, why don’t you lose some weight?”

Sonakshi Sinha

Veteran actor Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter Sonakshi Sinha has been facing criticism for her body ever since she stepped into the glitz and glam world of Bollywood. The Dabangg actor has never been spared from online trolls. However, Sinha has always been upfront and vocal about being fat shamed. In 2019, Sonakshi shared a powerful post and wrote: “When you’re that young, you don’t understand why you are not able to lose weight. You don’t know why you are made this way. And then you start blaming yourself for a lot of things. And that can really affect you… What matters is how quickly you can ignore it and bounce back,”

Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana D’Cruz was not only fat shamed but called out for having an ‘awkward’ body type. The female actor had once revealed that people from the Hindi film industry repeatedly suggested her to go for surgeries to enhance her appearance. Ileana has been fighting with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, but trollers don’t seem to care. During an Instagram Q/A session, Ileana answered a question regarding her body type and said: “Firstly, I don’t have an ‘awkward’ body type. Nobody does. Secondly, yes, I have been criticized for my body type, but I am trying to learn to love myself for who I am and not try to conform to someone else’s ideals,” 

Huma Qureshi

Huma Qureshi has shown her versatility as an actor by taking up different kinds of roles in movies. However, she still had to face a lot of criticism regarding her weight. While speaking in an interview, Huma Qureshi said: “There are a lot of people out there who are just bullies. They constantly keep telling you that you are too fat, too thin, your teeth are not fine, you can’t speak English really well, and you are too short, etc. Bullies will be bullies, and I think body shaming is something that people all over the world are not condoning and condemning because it’s not cool. We need to set better role models for young women.”

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