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23 Mar, 2023
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Shaktimaan Movie 2022: ‘Kanoon Ka Dost and Mujrimo Ka Dushman’ Is Back!

“Andhera Kayam Rahey” is back, you guys, and honestly, I can’t keep calm! Shaktimaan has been a go-to show for every child during the 90s. Well, I still remember waiting for Sunday to watch Shaktimaan exactly at 12:00 PM. You cannot just overlook the quirky tagline of Shaktimaan ‘Kanoon Ka Dost and Mujrimo Ka Dushman’. It still gives me goosebumps to think that the show managed to build a fan base that is still loyal to the show and feels that Shaktimaan should have never been discontinued in the first place. We have a lot of superheroes nowadays, but can anyone beat the charm of Mukesh Khanna as Gangadhar? Well, I don’t think so! 

Seeing the crazy fan base of Shaktimaan, recently, Sony Pictures India released the latest news about Shaktimaan Movie 2022. While it has not revealed many details about the plot or the cast of the film, it released a statement saying that the company would collaborate with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited and Bheeshm International. There were rumours of Bollywood celebrity Ranveer Singh essaying the character of Shaktimaan, earlier played by Mukesh Khanna. However, there is no official confirmation about the same yet. Well, if the rumour is true, I can’t wait to watch Ranveer as Shaktimaan. It’s also interesting to note that the show was India’s earliest forays into the comics industry, and Ranveer Singh has excellent comic timing. It’s a perfect combo, so to say! 

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Shaktimaan aired from 1997 to 2005, with Mukesh Khanna performing the central character effortlessly. As a child, I used to imagine Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan, who can single-handedly fight all the evils of society. If someone stole chocolate from me, Mukesh Khanna will definitely fight and bring my chocolate back. Now, it sounds silly, but it’s an example of the impact Shaktimaan created on every child who watched the show. It touched the heart and gripped the soul of all the 90s kids out there! 

Sony Pictures have still maintained the suspense on the release date. However, it did not keep its audience waiting and released the trailer of the film. The 60-seconds short video began with a view of Earth, and after that, the character of Shaktimaan appeared.

“As gloom as well as wickedness reign throughout mankind, it is destined for someone like him to arrive,” 

To conclude, Shaktimaan is coming, so get ready to feel the waves of nostalgia! 

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