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26 Sep, 2022
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Shehnaaz Gill To Lead The Biopic of The Legend ‘Madhubala’?

It just happened recently that a biopic on legendary actress Madhubala was declared, and people have already started giving their suggestions. The Bollywood actress, known as the quintessence of beauty, was loved by all and was undoubtedly a superstar. But she died at a very young age. 

Now, years later, a biopic based on the life of timeless beauty is set in motion. It is supported by her youngest sister, Madhur Brij Bhushan. While no information about the project or cast has been disclosed yet, fans are already giving suggestions. 

Some think Shehnaaz Gill is the perfect choice for the role. A Twitter thread dedicated to the actresses showed how Shehnaaz would look if the biopic portrayed Shehnaaz gill as Madhubala. There are multiple photos of Madhubala and Shehnaaz striking identical poses. When put side by side, the photos made a compelling case. 

Madhubala, whose real name is Begum Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi, was one of the biggest names in Bollywood. She passed away at the young age of 36 in 1969. In the early 50s, her popularity rose rapidly, and she also made it to Hollywood. She appeared in the American magazine in 1952. She was featured in a full-page article titled: ‘The Biggest Star in the World – and she’s not in Beverly Hills’. 

In 2019, there was an attempt from the legend’s sister, Madhur Brij Bhushan, to make a Madhubala biopic, but at that time, an objection came in from their eldest sister about the film. So, the biopic was delayed. 

Sources close to the production revealed that the stated biopic is all set to be produced by a top studio/production house in association with Madhubala Ventures Private Limited, which, in turn, has teamed up with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited, the same which is producing Shaktimaan trilogy along with Sony Pictures International Productions, developing the project. 

Some Bebo fans have also said that Kareena Kapoor Khan is perfect for the role while sharing some pictures of Kareena identical to Madhubala. 

Well, not only these two, but some say that no one can match the beauty and talent of Madhubala, so some say that Madhuri Dixit is the best actress for the role. Several other names, including Kangana Ranaut, Kriti Sanon, Aditi Rao Hydari, and Alia Bhatt, have also been on the list. You tell, who do you think is perfect for the role?

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